In this instructable i show you how to... *sigh* just look at the title...

You will need:
External DVD drive
Windows 7/Vista install DVD and serial
Windows XP install CD and serial

Step 1: Install Windows XP

Install Windows XP as normal, but save time and do not care about any of the other settings, just enter serial, create account, setup wifi/wired, activate, and go on to the next step.

Step 2: Install Windows 7 or Vista From Within XP

Hook up your external DVD drive and insert your Windows 7 or vista disk, and see installer come up.

Step 3: Almost Done

Set up windows. Now you can care about all the other settings, and install your drivers.

Step 4: Done!

Ok you're done.
Bye thank you whatever.
<p>A few days ago, i got a windows 7 key from one page: <a href="https://plus.google.com/103156713044838092165/posts/WBduJyEaG5v" rel="nofollow">https://plus.google.com/103156713044838092165/post...</a> . After i use the key. Key not only work but it is genuine. Hope also can help you.</p>
The title says &quot;How to install Windows 7 or Vista on your pc if you only have a CD-RW drive and bios not boot from USB&quot; so wouldn't it stand that you don't have an external dvd drive?
+1!<br><br>And I don't get why you would want to install XP first, unless you are dual booting!

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