Step 3: Antenna installation

Picture of Antenna installation
If you chose to install your antenna using the wall mount, you need to drill pilot holes for the bolts that will anchor the braces to the wall. Do not drill on the brick but instead drill on the mortar which is softer than the brick. Make sure that you leave a space of approximately 12 to 14 inches between the brace on top and the one below. This will make sure that the mast will not sway with the wind. If one or two holes are too big for the bolt, which sometimes happens, simply use plastic expansions inside the pilot holes and screw the bolt again.
Assemble the antenna on the ground. Secure all bolts and nuts and connect the transformer to the antenna if the antenna comes with the transformer. If the antenna comes with a coaxial connector outside the plastic casing simply connect the outdoor coaxial cable to the antenna. In some models the transformer is already built-in. Follow the manufacturer's instructions.
Carefully select the location of your aerial. Do not install too close to electrical wires or tree branches. My antenna has been installed on the opposite side of the house that, has the electrical wire coming from the service transformer. You may need someone to help you hold the antenna while you secure all the u-bolts to the braces. Make sure that the antenna is at least 10 feet above the peak of your roof. Also the nuts that come with your mounting kit will have washers that will not creep out. Make sure to tighten them.
Once the antenna is in place, secure the cable to the mast using Ty-wraps. If you have a rotator, allow  about a 2 feet loop of enough cable between masts. When the rotator gyrates the antenna while searching for more stations the coaxial cable might be pulled and stretched. It is very important to allow the cable not to be stretched by the action of the rotator.
You may want to disguise the coaxial cable the best you can for aesthetic reasons. I have hidden the coaxial cable behind the gutters. Use your imagination.
Next, connect the coaxial cable to the grounding block or the splitter depending on your configuration. In my case I connected the cable to a 4 way splitter and connected three coaxial cables to a grounding block that would accept the three segments of coaxial cable (see picture above). One of the segments went to my upstairs bedroom, the second entered the basement to come out of the living room floor and, the third is kept with a TV in the basement. Now I can watch the news anywhere in the house.