Step 6: Bore Hole on the Door Inside for Housing the Cup

Using the forstner bit, drill a hole to the desired depth. This hole would house the cup portion of the hinge.

Ensure the gap between the edge and the hole is equal to the gap as described in step 5

Once the hole depth can comfortably house the hinge, drive screws to secure the hinge to the door

Now the hinge is fixed to the door using the cup. What is left now is to fix the other section of the hinge with the door to the side wall of the cabinet
If you don't want to make your own door out of ply wood, there's a few places you can buy them online, I refaced my entire kitchen using doors from <a href="http://www.cabinetdoormart.com" rel="nofollow">http://www.CabinetDoorMart.com</a>&nbsp;, we got the doors in about 10 days, which was impressive because they were custom. My buddy used <a href="http://cabinethub.com" rel="nofollow">CabinetHub.com</a>&nbsp;and had a really good experience as well. I tried making my own doors once, but had a really hard time.&nbsp;

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