How to install a dynamo powered Bicycle light.

Picture of How to install a dynamo powered Bicycle light.
As any biker knows if you're riding at night a light is a must!
in the tutorial I will show you how to install the a dynamo powered bicycle light 
this light is perfect for the person who likes the vintage look but also likes a really bright light.

Link to light
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Step 1: Things you will need.

This is a materials list of the things i used to install the light 

Step 3: Installing the headlight

Take the headlight and attach the mounting bracket to it with a nut and bolt and then attach it to the forks (see photo).

Step 6: The dynamo

First attach the dynamo to the mounting bracket [see photo] and the attach the dynamo to the seat post using the other half of the bracket and two bolts and nuts be sure to press the contact wheel firmly against the wheel to insure good traction.
3366carlos3 months ago


cmartinez243 months ago
Great instructable! Where can I get a bracket for the headlight?
mmoore381 year ago
Great instructable, really helped me !