Step 8:

Now its time to take care of that trans cooler, I did not want it mounted to the new Radiator like the old one was, so I drilled out holes on the support mounts of the truck and bolted it to the frame directly.

This did two things for me, one it made taking out the radiator to replace it easier, and two it gave the cooler and radiator a inch of space apart form each other allowing both coolers to work without interfering in the cooling capabilities of each other.
Good info, but you have to be aware of a Phenomena called &quot;Electrolysis corrosion&quot; which can literally &quot;eat&quot; an aluminum radiator in a matter of weeks!<br> Electrolysis is created when an electrical stray current uses the aluminum from the radiator, coolant pump or other cooling system components to become &quot;anodic&quot; and sacrifice themselves.<br> <br> One quick way to test for the presence of electrolysis in your vehicle, is to connect one test lead of a Digital Multimeter to the negative post of the battery, and then submerge the other test lead into the coolant just under the filling cap touching only the coolant (engine not hot, obviously!) anything above a couple of tenths of volt is of concern,&nbsp; Visit several of the many websites describing the causes and cure of this before thinking your new radiator is installed and forgotten.<br> Best Wishes, AMclaussen, Mexico City.

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