My home had a small wiring enclosure in the hall closet. It contained a mess of telephone cable and coax for cable TV. It turned out that the phone cable was actually Cat-5 going to each phone outlet and I wanted to use this to distribute wired Internet to the outlets and in some rooms have wired Internet and phone.
I wanted to have my cable modem, Ooma base station (which I use for phone service) and Internet router out of the way in the enclosure. Also in the closet was an existing alarm system and I wanted to move all of its wiring into the same enclosure.
After some research, I settled on the On-Q system from Legrand. It is very modular and has a lot of parts that work together.

Step 1: Parts List

I got the largest enclosure they do, a 42" tall one. Be warned, this is not inexpensive. The total cost for the parts came to just under $1000 and I purchased all of the On-Q parts from www.homecontrols.com

1 x OQEN4250 On-Q Enclosure with Hinged Door, 42 In.
1 x OQ36456902 On-Q Duplex Outlet Kit with Surge Protection
1 x OQ36426601 On-Q Power Strip Module
1 x OQ36490401 On-Q Universal Mount Plate, Full Width
2 x OQ36348601 On-Q 8-Port Network Interface Module
1 x OQCO1000 On-Q 6-Port Phone/Data Module
1 x OQDA1054 On-Q 4-Port Gigabit Router/Switch
1 x OQDA1008 On-Q 8-Port Gigabit Network Switch
2 x OQPW7760 On-Q Power Supply, 12VDC, 18W
1 x OQWP1000WH On-Q Pre-Configured Strap (Phone, Data & Blank), White Color: White

You'll also want a number of Ethernet outlets - I used Cat6 Punch Down Keystone Jacks from Monoprice.

I'm really jealous of this project. I don't have a smart panel in my home. I wish I did because I have a 2x4 HDMI Matrix.(had to run all wiring for) Which I use to extend my DVR and PC to multiple TVs using HDMI to cat 5 converter. I like how you added the bigger cabnet and patched the drywall. I'm actually a Centurylink I&R Tech. So this project is right up my ally. (and drywall repair fan lol) just wanted to say good job, nice to see you took the time and bought proper tools to wire cat 5 correctly. it is weird tho that the equipment you bought uses type A wiring and not B.
Thanks Trevor. The wall is now all patched and painted :) I've also added my Apple Time Capsule to the panel so I'm not actually using the router component any longer - wanted to simplify. I have an Airport Extreme upstairs to extend the range and it seems to work fairly well. <br>The Type A vs. Type B caused some consternation during install and resulted in re-wiring of one of the ports... Lesson learned and that's why put a label on the panel to remind myself!

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