Introduction: How to Install ADosBox to Android Honeycomb 3.1

Here's Instruction to install aDosBox to Android Honeycomb 3.1(maybe 3.2)
Works on 2.2~3 too
Tested on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 3G + WiFi
Link to download :
if site is down:

Step 1: Next

Now you need install ASTRO file manager(market)
Install Adosbox and it's almost ready
Now we try game Supaplex (Elmer Productions©)
If link is down:
I don't have picture for this, i tried it on store
Unzip it to mnt\sdcard\supaplex with ASTRO
To run it,type cd supaplex and type spfix63
Or cheat spfix63 /# (unlocks all levels)
And it runs!

Step 2: Don't Work? GUI-s

Mouse won't work? Use this config file!
Now you can run OpenGEM 6
Another releases:
Now you can easyly search folders and games
To run it, type GEM
For setup, type SETUP

Step 3: Some Good Games

Stunts (rally game):
Dark Forces (Star Wars): NB! It have Duke Nukem 3D keymapping(almost...)  Cheats:


Goorooh made it!(author)2012-03-27

Great instructable. I tried it and it works, but adosbox is slow. There are better dosbox emulators out there for Android.

Found this comparison on Youtube between andosbox vs. dosbox turbo vs adosbox:

DosBox Turbo is the fastest of the three.

mikroskeem made it!(author)2012-09-29

but wich of them have more functions?

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