Picture of How to install an instructables toolbar for firefox
First off this instructable was made thanks to the pressuring of Kiteman and Nachomama. This is really quite simple. First if don't already have firefox download it here, firefox download. If you already have it installed great. Head over to here and download the toolbar. It downloads as an extension so you'll have to restart firefox. Once you've done that you should now have the instructables toolbar.

List of it's features:
1. Link to instructables Instructables
2. Ability to search google and Instructables
3. An RSS Reader that gets the Instructables Blog feed
4. A links button that can take you to instructables login screen, your instructables inbox, your instructables comments, most recent instructables, and most recent forum topics.

Message for Instructables Employees: If I have violated any copyright laws just let me know and I will delete the toolbar.
vishalapr4 years ago
I just downloaded the toolbar! Its very handy!
Thanks for the awesome toolbar!
CrayfishYAY4 years ago
THE INSTRUCTABLE OF AWESOMENESS!!!!! I might even give you a patch. For the Butterfinger milkshake & this!
short to the point and fun!

Many thanks for a very useful instructable.
Derin6 years ago
ReCreate Derin6 years ago
Laugh out loud, Here are some more (What the ....) Why are these images here, These are the ones used in his I'ble!
Darn! This is a Bug! Those are the only 2 images in my inventory!
fwjs287 years ago
i installed this w/ puppy linux and it works but it only has two arros like to expand the toolbar but it wont do anything to click on them....
fwjs28 fwjs287 years ago
i got it 2 work yaaaa.....i love it!
ewilhelm8 years ago
Message for Instructables Employees: If I have violated any copyright laws just let me know and I will delete the toolbar.

Don't be crazy, this is awesome!
Aeshir ewilhelm8 years ago
Yeah, copyrights are for squears (spelled like that on purpose, spelling it "square" is for squears!)!
fwjs28 Aeshir7 years ago
robots1997 years ago
HELLO every one!!!! I have started a new group so please check it out....IT is called firefox hackers and modders and any one with a firefox related instructable can join!!!
jinventive7 years ago
This is about the best toolbar I've got so far. Well, out of my google and this one anyway. Well Done! :)
Kiteman8 years ago
"...pressuring of Kiteman and Nachomama" LOL - Kiteman the Goon. I'll need a fedora and a cosh next :-D
hyperbolic cosine?
A cosh is a small, flexible club, often leather with a lump of lead in the end. An old-fashioned gangster's weapon.
I thought they were called blackjacks.
No, a blackjack is a small chewy liquorice sweet.
A quick google image search says otherwise
Aniseed, liquorice, same difference.

Ah, but if I admitted that I knew what you were talking about, the conversation would lose some of its surreal quality, no?
Possibly ... or maybe, just maybe, it might have taken on a new level of surrealism, greater than that ever experienced by any mere mortal.
Ah, we call that a "sap".
And here "sap" means the runny stuff in plants, especially trees ("the sap is rising" is also a euphemism for feeling a bit, er, well, things are rising).
Dantex8 years ago
I love it
sardines454 (author)  Dantex8 years ago
glad to hear it!
sardines454 (author) 8 years ago
screenshot on the way! thanks for the positive feedback by the way!
sardines454 (author)  sardines4548 years ago
the screenshot has been loading in the upload thing for an hour so i don't think it is gonna work. sorry guys you'll just have to download it. :(
sardines454 (author)  sardines4548 years ago
never mind, it just finished
NachoMahma8 years ago
. Very good job! . BTW, it appears to work OK in IE 7.0.5730.11. I haven't run it through the paces, but so far so good.
canida8 years ago
Nice! You deserve a patch. Check your Instructables inbox.
nagutron canida8 years ago
Definitely cool. Can we get a screenshot?
latobada8 years ago
great, short, and to the point. it would be better though to show a screenshow of the toolbar, so others can see it quicker, and maybe add another section highlighting all of the possibilities(or make some tutorials) about the toolbar