How To Install Apps Onto Your SD Card (No Root)

Picture of How To Install Apps Onto Your SD Card (No Root)
        Have you ever ran low on memory space on your android and had to delete some apps? With a computer and a micro SD card you don't have to worry about running out of space on your phone any more! You don't even need to root your phone! After this, your phone will automatically install apps to your external memory.

note - this works on both Windows and Mac OS

Items needed
  1. Android Phone (duh)
  2. a micro usb cable
  3. a computer
Warning for galaxy users!
    This method of moving your apps to sd card is known for not working with the Galaxy series, you if own a galaxy/ are getting a galaxy and is thinking of moving your apps to an external storage, i recommend rooting your device, enabling further access to files and such. Here's a link to guide you to rooting your galaxy, Good Luck!

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Step 1: Getting Ready to Change Installation Location

Picture of Getting Ready to Change Installation Location
1. Get the Google Android SDK
     - Unzip the file and place the folder onto your desktop or anywhere that can be easily accessed.
     - find the platform tools folder (default, it should be : adt-bundle/sdk)

2. Find cmd/terminal (for mac)
     - (for mac users) go to [System Preferences > Keyboard > Keyboard Shortcuts > Services]
        and then check the box [New Terminal At Folder]

3. Go onto your Android phone and select USB debugging
     - Go to [System settings > Developer Options] and select USB Debugging (if the option is grayed out, unplug your phone first)

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Had success but gave INSUFFICIENT ERROR installing or UPGRADING certain apps.

rajbabur8 days ago

I'm unable to proceed with step 2, stuck with the command adb devices and adb shell pm set-install-location 2 with no output

Hi, I got this message after setting the new install location in my XPeria M

[FXN.ASD]Error: App2Sd is not supported in this device. Drop change request.

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.

same problem here

PriyaA22 months ago

this method doesn't work in sony xperia m dual c2005

showing app2sd is not supported to your device

KateH1 PriyaA212 days ago

i have the exact same problem. does anyone know what it means?

Type adb help. Some of the command items may have changed with the 5.xx update. If the install- commands are not listed, the command is not recognized. This previously worked with my LG G3 mini but now since the update, all commands for the terminal have changed. This command is no longer valid.

FilipK419 days ago

When i type in "adb shell pm set-install-location 2" to the .cmd it says error: device not found

any help?

If every steps were followed and still unsuccessful, remove connection between phone and pc then restart both. Attach again both pc and phone then repeat the command prompt. It work with my lg g3, hope it will work with you also. Goodluck.

MarcT196622 days ago

So, I used the adb thingy on my own phone and worked just fine. Same on my son's phone. Well, except: apps are moved to SD with a storage of 2GB, which I am pretty sure is internal memory, even though it is called SD. The external SD of 16GB remains empty.
Actually I reset the default install-location back to 0 and then to 2 again. It confirmed it was 2, with adb shell pm get-install-location. But not really, it seems.

gluckes25 days ago

for all who failed trying this with adb, try it through a shell emulator on the device:

su (for superuser access), then pm set-install-location 2

PaulI1 gluckes23 days ago

what exactly I must write and where? to the phone or in cmd on my pc?

gluckes PaulI122 days ago

if you're doing this through adb, you type "adb shell pm set-install-location 2" on a terminal on your computer.

if you're doing this on a local terminal, you don't need adb, so on your phone, you type su & pm set-install-location 2

raxas9224 days ago

adb shell pm set-install-location 2

Error:java.lang.SecurityException: Package android does not belong to 2000. plzzzzzz help ,karbonn sparkle V (android One,5.1)

PaulI1 raxas9223 days ago

I have the same problem

PaulI123 days ago

I have the same problem

hoplite.rus23 days ago

did the instructions on sony xperia arc s. success!

i didn't get it. what did you do after choosing developers option? Please help. I'm really looking for this method.

DeepS225 days ago
DeepS225 days ago
Daviidazo1 month ago

(fix)FOR EVERYONE WHO STILL GET "insuficient space". Follow the instructions to the letter (after your phones driver is installed (automatically after a few minutes)) and after you get your result External : 2 you RESTART your phone, to make the changes start running, otherwise the phone stays as it is. hope this helps

ok, so i did everything right and i restarted my phone but it still says "insufficient space" even though i have a 32 gig sd card.

dillonf it says insufficient space because it only make your new apps install to SD card,not moving them :)

Well then how do i fix it?
KevinF92 months ago

So, to everybody saying that there were no devices found, it is because you have to find the driver for your phone and install it. Make sure your phone isn't plugged into your computer when you do this. Afterwards, it should be listed as a device when you type that first command.

Now, I have a question. I have an LG Tribute. I went through that whole process and checked it with the command adb shell pm get-install-location and it said 2. However, I'm reasonably sure that it didn't work, because my phone still says there isn't enough space left and I have 14.59 gigs free on my sd card. I even restarted my phone, tried it again, defaulted the process and tried it again. What am I doing wrong?

dillonf KevinF91 month ago

i have the same problem

Me too.

I have HTC wildfire s. I downloaded andoid sdk 861MB. it is a .exe file
but when i install it says internal integrity has failed.
also after turning on usb debugging what should i do?

plz help me out

Whenever I type "adb shell pm set-install-location 2", I always get "Could not access the Package Manager. Is the system running?"

Any ideas?

dperry19111 month ago

how to change back?

you just do adb shell pm set-install-location 1 and you should be as it was before.

AlexisC51 month ago

i couldnt even find the platform tools folder.. this is probably the most vague set of directions ever.

parast1 month ago

it says : Error: java.lang.SecurityException: Package android does not belong to 2000

what do I do?

BHUPESHN1 month ago

What I have to do after selecting Developer Option??

Windows 8.1


adb shell pm setInstallLocation 2

adb shell pm getInstallLocation 2

HarryL51 month ago

will the data also be installed in the sd card

liam.ladougne4 months ago

does this work with windows 8? because I cant open command window :(

Type cmd in the search bar

Try opening cmd and manualy typing in the path to the adb application uding cd for change directory. For me it is "C:\Users\Luke\AppData\Local\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools". From there you can enter the commands:

adb devices
adb shell pm set-install-location 2
adb shell pm get-install-location

If it tells you that the device is unauthorized just unplug your phone, plug it back in, check yes in whatever dialog box pops up on your phone and then try the commands again.

Hope this helps!

please help

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