Introduction: How to Install Sa-mp to Windows

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hello to everyone this will tell you how to install sa-mp. i credit everyone i got the pictures from.

Step 1: Install

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ok you should have downloaded it already now lets install it. Go to The start menu and find it  it should be there
it should put you on the sa-mp install window just click install it needs the core san andreas files to run.

Step 2: Play It!

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ok i took a screenshot from as you can see it looks fun and it is.BTW i play it all the time.

Step 3: For Dummies

if you dont know what sa-mp is it is a multiplayer mod for grand  theft auto san andreas pc not ps2 unless you make your own mod
to the ps2 like i did. Thanks for viewing.


dfalk (author)2012-08-02

Can you add video on it?? :)

highvoltageguy (author)dfalk2012-08-10

its in the making

dfalk (author)2012-01-25

Very nice tuturia,l for be 9 years old :)..

Often you made a own multiplayer mod to ps2? :O I don't think so xD.

Sa-mp is a good and nice game :D.

highvoltageguy (author)dfalk2012-01-25

Actually I DID I used PIC16F628A chip wired to the ps2's CPU Using parallel connector And hacked The PS2's firmware To Run .exe files And connected a keyboard +mouse And hey presto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dfalk (author)highvoltageguy2012-02-04

Sounds nice! Good job.. Do you have a video?? :)

highvoltageguy (author)dfalk2012-02-05

I could Make one or make an instructable on it

dfalk (author)highvoltageguy2012-04-27

Do that please!!! :).

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