Picture of Install WAD Files on Any Wii
In this instructable, you will learn how to install a wad file onto your Nintendo Wii. A wad file is usually a file that, once installed, will become a channel, but can also be a patch or something else of the sort like the cios wad file. It is helpfull to know how to install wad files in case some of the channels you bought got deleted. In my case, i caught my brother trying to update my wii and yanked the power cables out of the wall, effectively erasing everything on my wii. Now i know what your thinking, "OK, once i figure out how to do this, i am going to find a website that distributes wad files and install them to my hearts content." Wrong. Even though the laws get a bit shadey when dealing with downloaded pirated content, DO NOT DOWNLOAD A WAD FILE YOU DID NOT ORIGINALY PAY FOR!!! if you do and get caught, it is not my fault. if you get a banner brick, it is also not my fault, though if you listen to me exactly and only download wad files for your region wii, that wont happen. If you are still worried, skip to the last step first to figure out how to install starfall, an application that will allow you to boot the twilight hack and remove the bad wad.

Step 1: Materials needed

For this instructable to work, you need:

A Computer
An SD card
An SD card reader for your computer
A Homebrew Capable Wii (Go here to learn how to run homebrew on your wii)
WAD Manager (link here) and the knowledge on how to run it
Crimson-X6 years ago
I just figured out that one of my friends was trying to run the wad installer w/ his 32gb sd card. It didn't work for some strange reason. Then I tried my 4gb and it still didn't work. I tried using 3 seperate 1gb cards and they all worked. I guess install with a non sdhc card. I got the wad files that I wanted installed. Just thought I would pass that along.
A.C.E. (author)  Crimson-X6 years ago
Funny thing, if the sd card is greater than 2 gigabytes in size the wii has trouble recognizing it. there is a way to "fix" bigger memory cards by creating dummy blocks of data that bring the total free space down to 2 gigabytes or lower. there is a program that can make dummy save games that even appear on the wiis save data screen so you can delete them when you need without using a computer. i dont know where this program is, but you can designate the size of the blocks anywhere from 0.1 mb a piece to 1 or 2 gigabytes a piece.
KhoiS A.C.E.1 month ago

*sigh* Why don't just shrink the partition down to 2gigs

JamieDoll847 months ago

IF wii already is modded, how do you add files to the sd card?

slaughter5 years ago
hey i dont think you like to the wad manager is working it just take me to a page to sign up could you re post it or or show me another place to get it
solozano75 years ago
You may want to update ur links, none of them work.
razr_7866 years ago
err what does this mean... i tried sometin and it said "installing ticket... ERROR! (ret = -2011)? can som1 help please!!!
A.C.E. (author)  razr_7866 years ago
the news that you installed "sometin" is not very descriptive. what did you try to install exactly? starfall?
A.C.E. (author) 6 years ago
i am aware the link for wad manager link is broken. i will fix it shortly
Doctor What6 years ago
I like the concept, but the instructions need a bit of work, more detail, and as you know, better pictures. I'll be sure to try this!
A.C.E. (author)  Doctor What6 years ago
i meant to say once i find my charger.. yeah anyway i think my dog ran away with it somewhere.
Where did you find your wads? I haven't found any sites worth while. Have any suggestions?
me too. I look around, but no WADS that work...
A.C.E. (author)  wolf555hound6 years ago
whups guys sorry. i listed doom wads. goto wiiso.com and make an account. look further down for wii virtual console or wiiware
A.C.E. (author)  wolf555hound6 years ago
hey, try http://www.doomworld.com/10years/bestwads/infamous.php. it is where i got all my wad files untill i put doom on my psp(way better!!) and you can check all of them and then at the bottom click the year markers to get to other ones. i know from this page the wad uac labs works on ipod. thats the only one i tried, but feel free to try others.
A.C.E. (author)  A.C.E.6 years ago
and gothic99 works from the top ten page too.