Step 9: The walls: third layer is the vapor barrier

Picture of The walls: third layer is the vapor barrier
The final step is to add the vapor barrier to seal everything. The goal here is to have no air coming from the van to the fiberglass insulation.
  1. Start by cutting an approximately good size piece of plastic for each section. For sections, we used the large beams already on the walls to dictate where we were going to separate the sections.
  2. For each section, start by using tuck tape on the top part of the piece to secure it in place.
  3. Then make sure to cut out space for the wheel for the bottom piece. Make sure the size is ok all around.
  4. Then tape down the bottom, and finish with the sides.

We had some more delicate cutting outs to do around the ceiling studs, and around the back anchor for the door. With some patience and good scissors, everything can be sealed out properly!

YOU ARE NOW DONE! The insulation for the van is complete. If you want a super extra good job, you can also add some insulation in the panels of the doors. We did not get to this part yet. You can also insulate around the wheels, but this has to be done in conjuncture with whatever you want to build around the wheels.

Once this is done, the next step will be to cover the insulation with a 'pretty' finish so that it is nice and welcoming to live in the van. Some people use thin plywood, some use plywood covered with fabric or rug. We are thinking of using thin cedar tongue-in-groove slats for a very nice finish. This will come in the next instructables tutorial!

As I said in the intro, this is the first van conversion we are working on. We do not claim that this is the best way to insulate the interior of a van, however we believe that we have done a thorough research of online resources and what we present here is a nice summary of the best options we have seen out there, considering our budget, our skills, our schedule, and our future use for the van (winter adventures!). We welcome all comments or questions, since we are curious to see how others have done it.

Questions? Comments?

Killerspec8 months ago

Was wondering if you still around do you have any shots of the complete van once you finished all the layout?

Thanks a million for the tutorial looking at vans at the moment for travelling around Europe on vacations for the years ahead.

hi, great job. I had an older VW van with insulation much like yours - except the builder (not me) had forgotten the vapor barrier. My point here would not be mould, but rust. When my van started to show brown dots in the outside seams of the sidepanels it was too late - it had rusted from the inside.
Could this be a problem with your floor and ceiling? Condensation could occur if vapor is allowed to pass to the metal panels.
best rgds
qboid1 year ago
Can you do a temperature difference of outside and inside?