This is a short guide to inviting your neighbors to your party, even if you don't know them and/or are shy. This guide is geared towards people who live in apartment and condo buildings, but can certainly be used by folks in detached homes.

Inviting your neighbors to a party you're throwing is generally a good idea because they might turn into actual friends, they'll know that you're not a tap-dancing octopus and be less inclined to call the landlord whenever you walk to the fridge, you'll get to jokingly ask if they are indeed making a porn movie for the hearing impaired, and you'll generally have a better chance of working out any problems because they'll see you as a fellow human being.

To do this Instructable you will need:
-Cards and envelopes
-A party
-A notebook or piece or scrap paper

Inviting your neighbors to your party is an item on Neighbors Project's Neighbors Checklist.

Step 1: Decide Who to Invite

If you haven't met any of your neighbors, it is definitely a leap of faith to invite them to your party. After all, for all you know, they might commune with the devil. So it helps to have at least said hi to the people in your building or floor already. If someone has freaked you out by, say, inviting you to their cult meeting, or has gone out of their way to avoid all contact with you to the point of rudeness, then you shouldn't invite them.

If you live in a small apartment building of three to eight units, then it's likely that you've run into most of your neighbors already and have a sense of who you want to invite. If you live in a bigger building, you probably want to confine your invitations to just the people on your floor unless you've gotten to know some people on other floors. That said, it's in your particular self interest to be on friendly terms with the people directly next to you and the people above and below you, so definitely invite them unless you know them to be mental or you are currently suing each other.
What if you've been living there embarrassingly long and still don't know anyone, and want to attempt this as a last-ditch effort in the last 6 months of the lease to make friends? xD
Another tip: invite your neighbors with onetwib.com :)<br>http://www.onetwib.com/
I would give a try.Social meeting is important.Thanks!!
With this virtual world we're living in, it's great to see a post about face to face social meetings and not meetings via facebook.
he should have sent out facebook invites
That's kind of nice...my introduction to my neighbors consisted of me informing one that I don't much like people and another that I so didn't want to be a part of any associations, but thanks for the cookies. Since that time my neighbors have won me over (I am actually shy in real life...not anti social ) and been very kind while my husband was very ill and after he died. I would love to something nice for them.
I would feel exactly like your neighbour mentioned. Shy and uncertain. I like the last picture, look at his shirt :-)) Very good Instructable, certainly convincing. Michel Portugal
Made sense, kept my attention for a few minutes,made me laugh a little, 4 stars in my book.
Good instructable, Is karaoke or music a good addition to a party? Just wondering...
Uh ...?
This is really a good beginning to building community. In the face of sad news the media feeds us every day about war, debt, the tanking economy, etc., this will help everyone face down the daily news with some good news about one another. You can use this as an opportunity to organise meetings about (<em>insert political or socially outrageous issue here</em>) and the whole community can come together.<br/>
While I tend to enjoy tech/craft instruct ables more, this is really good. Pretty logical, however this is simple enough that it might convince the average shy person to have a party. Good job.
Thanks for the positive feedback! I was thinking while putting it together that someone more artsy and intrepid than me would probably enjoy the opportunity to make their own special neighbor invitation cards.

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