How to Jailbreak an Ipod Touch or Iphone 3g (NO COMPUTER REQUIRED!!!! JUST WIFI!!!)





Introduction: How to Jailbreak an Ipod Touch or Iphone 3g (NO COMPUTER REQUIRED!!!! JUST WIFI!!!)

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this is how you jailbreak an ipod touch or iphone. im not really sure which versions you do or do not have to have, all i know is mine is 4.2.1 and it worked on mine.

Step 1: First Thing

okay, this jailbreak only takes a minute.
First, go into safari and type
Second, find the thing beside "Cydia" and it should be green and have "free" on it.
Thrid, double tap the free and it should install it like an app.
It takes about 10 seconds.

Step 2: I Dont..

i dont know what versions you have to have to do it, all i know is if u have 4.2.1 or lower, you're probably going to get it working. please comment and/or subscribe



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    It isnt illegal andhas never been illegal.

    No it actually isn't illegal to jailbreak its just illegal to pirate stuff... though i admit is about 1/4 of what people jailbreak for...

    its old i cant download it

    Being as cautious as I am on the Internet. I went to Norton SafeWeb before I even DARED to go to
    I am happy I did. Norton scans on the site have reported 2 computer threats.
    Trojan.Gen.2 and Bloodhound.Exploit.351 were detected on
    Why not do some research on these types of sites before you go advertising them? It would save others from dealing with the problem that they were directed to by someone giving them "advice".

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    I once had Norton, suddenly it said my computer had a virus..... It turned out it was my Windows itself..

    Microsoft finally cut out the middleman, didn't they?


    i went on norton safeweb and it says this site is safe.

    Can you give a link describing why one would want to jailbreak an ipod touch or an iphone 3g? I've never understood the advantages and disadvantages.

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    well i can explain:
    you can get free songs, apps, and pretty much anything from cydia. u can install themes to make ur ipod or iphone look like a whole nother phone or smart device. heck, there's even a mac theme. u can put as many apps as u want on one page and be able to scroll down on your apps. u can scroll ur dock. u can download youtube videos and watch them without wifi in hd with no lagg or buffering. u can download tv shows and watch them without wifi no buffer no lagg. you can download movies that havent even come out yet. you can get unlimited tabs open in safari. the capabilities are unlimited with jailbreaking....

    j'ai une iphone 3g version 4.1 et quand ont m'a dit que je trouverai une chose a cote de cydia et je le traverai pas allor dit moi qu'est ce que je doit faire

    Disadvantages: It destroys you iDevice, but they bound to not exist forever anyway..

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    Best regards and good luck!