Step 6: Download cydia

Picture of download cydia
go to your ipod and on the last page there is an app titled loader. open tht and download cydia.
insomiah2 years ago
me too after those black screen with messages running, the apple icon becomes the poison apple icon.. I waited for quite a while and I'm glad that it was gone and I was in my home page and i looked at the last page, there is an app named Loader and so I am now downloading cydia... wow, thanks a lot, I did jailbreak my ipod on my own using your guide... so happy! :)
johnnyp832 years ago
hi, ive gone through the process 3 times time now everything went ok apart from not having the loader icon on the ipod to download cydia!any ideas? cheers
jnyberg2 years ago
How about iPod Touch 3:rd generation? Is this working there too? I have version 4.2.1
mialuna9213 years ago
Hey there TTHROWER18- i have a iPod Touch 4th Generation Version 4.2.1 and I downloaded the Jailbreak app (poison something whatever its call to my PC) however when I plug in my ipod it tells me my device is not supported. Also I do not have that LOADER app you say we are supposed to have on the last page on the iPod to download Cydia.
Google ipod Touch 4th gen jailbreak. this is for 2nd generation
Angelsmom3 years ago
I did what it says and the poison logo came on the ipod. I turned it on but there is no folder in my ipod. What did I do wrong?
I mean their is no app titled loader.
photoglen3 years ago
i dont no how to do it can i give some one my number so they can help me
pagigi243 years ago
PLease Help! I did the whole thing but in the end when I clicked jailbreak it loaded and and said "Quit (restart and retry)" So I pressed quit and now my itouch 4.2.1 will not turn on... Please help and explain what to do.
sarju7 pagigi243 years ago
That happened to my itouch to you need to hold the home and power button for 5-15 seconds and then it will turn on.
horseica3 years ago
Is this a tethered jailbreak? kuz the second i unplugged my computer, it turned off :(
adiel mejia3 years ago
i jailbroke my ipod touch and it said jailbreaking complete but it never show the loader thing or the cydia help plzz
acancilla3 years ago
people, do not panic, remember there is always the restore button when its plugged int oitunes on your computer, ii have an ancient ipod 2nd gen tough that it works perfectly with. thank ou very much my friend, a very good ible i must say.
kroberts103 years ago
i got cydia downloaded to my ipod touch but when i click on it it wont open it goes to the initializing filesystem and then goes to the unlock screen... what do i do?
try redoing the jailbreak.
Danats3 years ago
when I open Loader it just says please make sure that you are connected to the internet before launching loader. But I am connected to the internet?!?!?

What do I do?
kbayley13 years ago
i dont get it when it says press menu and hold pause/play? HELP PLEASE ! I AM SOOOOOO CONFUSED ! IDK WAT TO DO
asnider59063 years ago
It works great :) Easy to use and good instructions
mbradley63 years ago
worked a treat thanks guys
dmitchell93 years ago
I run the program and follow the instructions and it just says "Try again" I have a 2nd gen Ipod version 4.2.1 model MB528LL..any suggestions?
ksuguitan3 years ago
this is awesome... thanks for sharing! :D
jantoine13 years ago
i did everything but i dont see the loader on my ipod please help
rhosein3 years ago
well i am having a problem, when i use the greenp0isn program and i follow all the steps. it says *i have to re do it over again* plz help me out
stzoc3 years ago
^ yea mine does the same thing, idk what do i do?
alink23 years ago
hi do u need wifi to do this??
jkristich3 years ago
Thanks man, it worked. I now have a jailbroken iTouch. I was worried at first, but it worked fine. :3