Introduction: How to Jailbreak Your 1.1.4 or Lower IPhone or IPod Touch

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How to jailbreak your 1.1.4 or lower iPhone or iPod Touch and install third party applications.

WARNING: I will not be held responsible for damage done to your iPhone, iPod Touch or Computer. However, ZiPhone has never damaged an iPhone or iPod Touch. Check out the blog here. []

Step 1: Download Ziphone

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First, download ZiPhone from this link.
Both Windows and Mac versions available.

Step 2: Run ZiPhone

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Plug your iPhone or iPod touch into your computer and back it up using iTunes. Keep iTunes open and run ZiPhone. There are four options available. "Jailbreak" installs but does not activate or unlock your phone (also works with iPod Touch). "Don't Unlock" installs and activates your iPhone (not compatible with iPod Touch). "Do it all!" jailbreaks, activates, and unlocks your iPhone to work on other carriers (not compatible with iPod Touch). Also, their is another option called "Refurbish" , we'll worry about this option later. Choose whichever option you want and let ZiPhone run it's course.

WARNING!!! You must configure your wifi network before running ZiPhone.

Step 3: Install Open SSH and BSD Subsystem

Picture of Install Open SSH and BSD Subsystem should have appeared on your iPhone or iPod , but we're not done yet! Next, you need to install "Open SSH" and "BSD Subsystem". You can find these under the system tab in the Install panel on installer.

Step 4: You're Done!

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You have successfully jailbroken your iPhone or iPod Touch and escaped from the apple + at&t; griphold!

NOTE: If you are having problems with your iPhone or iPod Touch or need to return it to apple for repair, redo step 2 with the refurbish option to reset locks.


Zibri (author)2014-02-16

Lovely instructable. I just saw it now :D

PSPerson (author)2011-08-04

GAH! I miss the old 1.1.x days. When there wer QUALITY apps. Not all of these fart apps and crappy games. When you had to be at least somewhat smart to use it.

superscientist1 (author)2010-08-15

will this work with ipod touch 1g 2.2.1

tacodepollo (author)2010-04-23

 what is that theme called?please tell me its cool.

chilll2009 (author)2009-06-24

Is it approved by apple??

Chromatica (author)chilll20092009-06-26

H?LL NO Apple and Sony are trying their hardest to stop this

moecool101 (author)2009-01-27

there should be a way try googleing it or search it on youtube. Mabe if u have warrenty u can return it.

dane480 (author)2009-01-25

I have already jailbroken my ipod touch 2.2 and I didnt install "open ssh" or "bsd subsystems". What do they do?

tugharris (author)dane4802009-01-25

When you jailbreak 2.2 bsd subsystem is already installed. Also, you only need open ssh if u want to wirelessly transfer files to and from your iPod. I should be postig a tutorial soon on how to jailbreak 2.2.

skillz94 (author)2009-01-16

i cant find the download on the link

micromuffin (author)2008-12-30

tsk, tsk, tsk. What is the point in jailbreaking with 2.0, 2.1, and 2.2? Really... is having a bit of customization worth the instability of the os?

musbah (author)2008-12-19

Dear folks i have an unlock iphone i follow your instructions, everything is done but when i click on DO IT ALL, it is unlocked and a masseage appeared saying LODING zibri dat SEARCHING FOR IPHONE.... athough my iphone ic connected to computer and detected by itune plz help

alecb412 (author)2008-10-09

when i tried this, it made my screen come up with a lot of moving words and numbers.when it stopped it said "bsd root: md0, major 2, minor 0" if any body has any information on how i can get out of this please tell me. thanks

deth2all (author)2008-09-15

I have the same theme on my new 3G, "Unlocker" i believe its called

GABBLER2005 (author)2008-09-07

jailbreaked my ipod touch version 1.1.4 with ziphonev3.0now screen shows the following message
if you want to make modifications to files

/sbin/fsck -fy
/sbin/ mount -uw /

If you wish to boot the system:

:/ root(hash)
and my itunes does not detect my ipod

it will not start up in recovery mode again... if anybody knows what to do and advice would be much appreciated... thanks

Superninjacamper941 (author)2008-08-12

how am i supposed to get my apps that I downloaded onto my home screen? Great instructable, thanks you helped me alot.

red scourge (author)2008-07-27

Dosen't this turn your iphone into an ibrick?

Bedlam (author)2008-07-24

Didn't tell you on ipod screen only shows : BSD root: md0, major 2, minor 0 writes same line, it only detects the usb cable plug but says it cant start sartIpodStack Hope there's a way to repair it :(

Bedlam (author)2008-07-24

I got this far, stop the process since it didn't get further after 10 minutes. So then I restart the ipod but can't get it detected by the computer, on Ipod screen I get a kind of comand lone report, showing there's no configuration to start the device. So I can't get it reboot either since it does not respond to the normal procedure pressing the power button for 10 seconds. I'd like to know if theres other way to get the ipod back to normal function.

13nov1982 (author)2008-07-16

Can anyone please help me? I have an 8 gb iphone and on the screen it shows like it's trying to connect to itunes but it is frozen there. I can slide it to emergency call but besides that it doesn't work. I've tried the Ziphone GUI v3.0 but it didn't help either can you help me...

pocketjs (author)13nov19822008-07-17

you need to plug it into your computer. It requires iTunes 7.7 or something from the itunes website. It will then activate your phone after a few minutes.

enthused91 (author)2008-07-15

What does Installing Open SSH and BSD Subsystem do? Is it necessary?

Sandisk1duo (author)2008-07-12

Will companies like metro pcs, verizon, t-mobile, support your phone? if you go and bring them a jailbroken iphone, can they put it on their network?

plzhelpp (author)2008-07-02

alright this is wats happening... my ipod touch is stuck on this thing it keeps saying "BSD root: md 0, major 2, minor 0" and it itunes wont reconize it and when ever i hold both the power and the home botten it just turns off then when i hold both bottens again it shows the apple logo and then goes into that text again and just starts saying "BSD root: md 0, major 2, minor 0" again and again... sooo please tell me what to do step by step

XxxBeLiKeRyxxX (author)plzhelpp2008-07-05

Plzhelpp, I had the EXACT same thing happen to me. Don't worry, I know how to fix you. But first of all, I'll tell you why that happened. It happened because you have a 16 GB iPod Touch most likely, and it only works on 8 GB.


1. Have your iTunes open.
2. Hold down the power button and the home button until the iPod's screen goes blank.
3. Plug your iPod into your computer AT THE SAME TIME AS YOU HOLD THE *HOME* BUTTON.
4. Continue to hold the HOME button until you see the USB and iTunes picture on your iPod Touch.

Your iTunes will then start restoring your iPod.

Let me know if you have questions!

ezian (author)2008-03-05

hey, im trying to use this Ziphone program on my 1.1.4 touch, and its not working...its getting stuck on something. any thoughts???!!! thanks!!!

acaz93 (author)ezian2008-03-05

in what is stuck , in the "BSD root: md0, Major 2, minor 0 "? screen

Dr.Paj (author)acaz932008-03-07

Same here, except my ziphone app shut off then my ipod will not shut off/reboot and it continues to loop. It also doesn't respond to me connecting it to the computer. Doesn't look good.

acaz93 (author)Dr.Paj2008-03-07

dr. paj : force that ipod into recovery mode!!!
or else it will die or get bricked

this is a useful how to force it into recovery mode

Dr.Paj (author)acaz932008-03-08

That was a close one. Thanks for the link. I used his link and then a link there to get it even connecting to my computer, and then I had to use an instructable here so it took some time, but it's syncing all 2k songs at the moment (15-20 mini hope). Never trying ziphone again lol, it scared me sh**less. +10 points to you

acaz93 (author)Dr.Paj2008-03-09

I almost poop in my pants when i saw that , it was scary , since even if you clicked the jailbreak button it did nothing , ziphone is crap , if i owned an iphone i would used iNdepence instead , well , now , i'm making an article in wikipedia ,
The Monochrome screen of horror and pain , telling the risks , and what is it

phant0m_sp00f3ra (author)acaz932008-06-17

Just use iLiberty + but be sure you hi installer and not cydia, it do the same,only that more stable

dont worry acaz, the same thing happened here, the VERY FIRST DAY I GOT IT, for some reason when i put it in recovery mode, Ziphone logo showed up on my itouch, jailbreaking was damn wierd...

Dr.Paj (author)acaz932008-03-12

I'll just stick with getting podcasts for videos and email instead of instant messaging. I'll just wait longer for more games to come out when apple sells them in the future.

lefty337 (author)acaz932008-03-07

That's where I got stuck on my jailbreak. I found out that if you keep clicking on jailbreak it will work. I don't know why, but it does. Now that I got it to work, I don't know how to unlock the maps/mail/etc. apps? I am on 1.1.4 if that helps.

Dr.Paj (author)2008-03-07

When I go to it changes my address to just, I can't get to the downloader. Any suggestions?

tugharris (author)Dr.Paj2008-03-07

try going to then clicking the download link.

Dr.Paj (author)tugharris2008-03-07

Will it even be worth it for my 1.1.3 iPod touch? I already have the software update.

phant0m_sp00f3ra (author)Dr.Paj2008-06-17

of course its worthy, i got 1.1.3 with software update too, and believe me, it totally rocke my iPhone and my Touch

Dr.Paj (author)tugharris2008-03-07

What do you do when it doesn't respond to anything, including the computer, off button, home button, ect. It also doesn't respond to the program and is looping "BSD root: md 0, major 2, minor 0" keep in mind clicking on jailbreak will not fix it because it is not responding to the computer at all.

lefty337 (author)Dr.Paj2008-03-07

Try to hold down the home button while you plug in the iPod. Continue to hold the home button until it says to connect iTunes. At this point iTunes should open and you should be able to restore to original. If you are using an iPod touch 16gb, try clicking jailbreak several times and then let it finish. It worked for me.

Dr.Paj (author)lefty3372008-03-08

Your way didn't work until I put my ipod into recovery mode. When I hit jailbreak once, it shut off and my ipod got screwed so I'm done with ziphone until apple gets some things you can buy/get for free with their new software that they announced on March, 6.

shrek22 (author)2008-03-15

What do you do when it doesn't respond to anything, including the computer, off button, home button, ect. It also doesn't respond to the program and is looping "BSD root: md 0, major 2, minor 0" keep in mind clicking on jailbreak will not fix it because it is not responding to the computer at all.

phant0m_sp00f3ra (author)shrek222008-06-17

man try downloading Ziphone 2b and hit in advanced options Fix NVRam that'll fix the stucking in bsd root...

rainboch (author)2008-05-20

using ipod touch 1.14 version, with Zipone I jailbreak my touch successfully, all functions work. But just one thing, now I cannot just sync new photos individually, have to group under 1 file, otherwise, all the photos will erase and replace by the new sync photos!

halo456456 (author)2008-04-30

Theres a new alternative to ZiPhone and its called iLiberty. Some people say iLiberty is better and others say ZiPhone is better. Also its rumored that the maker of ZiPhone stole the code from the iPhone developers and pushed it out before the program was completely fixed and bug free. iLiberty is directly from the team and some say its better. Also, cool news, Pwnage is out for MAC and beta for Windows. This alows moding of the firmware, custom firmware, custom boot images and the safest jailbreak ever, after you pwn it. Pwning can brick your iPod though. Its the safest because the programs are in the firmware not added in later.

Chanio (author)2008-04-23

I have only found one tutorial that mentioned that this would not work (march'08) with iPod Touch of 16Gb.
(and I regret of not having noticed that line until I had passed through the horrible experience of reseting my lovely collection of music...)
Please, mention any possible obstacle that one might find when trying your tutorial.

koax (author)2008-04-06

theres a new version of Ziphone which fix a couple of issue ( version 3.0) thx man for this instructables :P

DirtyWater99 (author)2008-03-17

Ziphone is the shit.. makes everything so much simpler.

etines3 (author)2008-03-16

it wont let me download the prgram it wants it unzipped so i do that try to open it and then it says hit ok to terminate the program and i am using windows not mac!

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