How to Jailbreak Your 1.1.4 or Lower IPhone or IPod Touch





Introduction: How to Jailbreak Your 1.1.4 or Lower IPhone or IPod Touch

How to jailbreak your 1.1.4 or lower iPhone or iPod Touch and install third party applications.

WARNING: I will not be held responsible for damage done to your iPhone, iPod Touch or Computer. However, ZiPhone has never damaged an iPhone or iPod Touch. Check out the blog here. []

Step 1: Download Ziphone

First, download ZiPhone from this link.
Both Windows and Mac versions available.

Step 2: Run ZiPhone

Plug your iPhone or iPod touch into your computer and back it up using iTunes. Keep iTunes open and run ZiPhone. There are four options available. "Jailbreak" installs but does not activate or unlock your phone (also works with iPod Touch). "Don't Unlock" installs and activates your iPhone (not compatible with iPod Touch). "Do it all!" jailbreaks, activates, and unlocks your iPhone to work on other carriers (not compatible with iPod Touch). Also, their is another option called "Refurbish" , we'll worry about this option later. Choose whichever option you want and let ZiPhone run it's course.

WARNING!!! You must configure your wifi network before running ZiPhone.

Step 3: Install Open SSH and BSD Subsystem should have appeared on your iPhone or iPod , but we're not done yet! Next, you need to install "Open SSH" and "BSD Subsystem". You can find these under the system tab in the Install panel on installer.

Step 4: You're Done!

You have successfully jailbroken your iPhone or iPod Touch and escaped from the apple + at&t; griphold!

NOTE: If you are having problems with your iPhone or iPod Touch or need to return it to apple for repair, redo step 2 with the refurbish option to reset locks.



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    Lovely instructable. I just saw it now :D

    GAH! I miss the old 1.1.x days. When there wer QUALITY apps. Not all of these fart apps and crappy games. When you had to be at least somewhat smart to use it.

     what is that theme called?please tell me its cool.

    H?LL NO Apple and Sony are trying their hardest to stop this

    there should be a way try googleing it or search it on youtube. Mabe if u have warrenty u can return it.

    I have already jailbroken my ipod touch 2.2 and I didnt install "open ssh" or "bsd subsystems". What do they do?

    1 reply

    When you jailbreak 2.2 bsd subsystem is already installed. Also, you only need open ssh if u want to wirelessly transfer files to and from your iPod. I should be postig a tutorial soon on how to jailbreak 2.2.

    i cant find the download on the link

    tsk, tsk, tsk. What is the point in jailbreaking with 2.0, 2.1, and 2.2? Really... is having a bit of customization worth the instability of the os?

    Dear folks i have an unlock iphone i follow your instructions, everything is done but when i click on DO IT ALL, it is unlocked and a masseage appeared saying LODING zibri dat SEARCHING FOR IPHONE.... athough my iphone ic connected to computer and detected by itune plz help

    when i tried this, it made my screen come up with a lot of moving words and numbers.when it stopped it said "bsd root: md0, major 2, minor 0" if any body has any information on how i can get out of this please tell me. thanks

    I have the same theme on my new 3G, "Unlocker" i believe its called

    jailbreaked my ipod touch version 1.1.4 with ziphonev3.0now screen shows the following message
    if you want to make modifications to files

    /sbin/fsck -fy
    /sbin/ mount -uw /

    If you wish to boot the system:

    :/ root(hash)
    and my itunes does not detect my ipod

    it will not start up in recovery mode again... if anybody knows what to do and advice would be much appreciated... thanks

    how am i supposed to get my apps that I downloaded onto my home screen? Great instructable, thanks you helped me alot.

    Dosen't this turn your iphone into an ibrick?

    Didn't tell you on ipod screen only shows : BSD root: md0, major 2, minor 0 writes same line, it only detects the usb cable plug but says it cant start sartIpodStack Hope there's a way to repair it :(

    I got this far, stop the process since it didn't get further after 10 minutes. So then I restart the ipod but can't get it detected by the computer, on Ipod screen I get a kind of comand lone report, showing there's no configuration to start the device. So I can't get it reboot either since it does not respond to the normal procedure pressing the power button for 10 seconds. I'd like to know if theres other way to get the ipod back to normal function.

    Can anyone please help me? I have an 8 gb iphone and on the screen it shows like it's trying to connect to itunes but it is frozen there. I can slide it to emergency call but besides that it doesn't work. I've tried the Ziphone GUI v3.0 but it didn't help either can you help me...