How to Jam a Nerf Clip System Gun




Introduction: How to Jam a Nerf Clip System Gun

This is a very simple way to jam any Nerf clip system gun.

What you will need:
1 tip-less streamline dart
1 rubber band

Step 1: Make the Jamming Dart

To make the jamming dart simply wrap the rubber band around where the tip was before, as shown in the picture below. Then just put the bullet in the clip, and when it gets into the chamber, the rubber band will stop it from shooting out of the gun, jamming it.



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    bah this is a novice trick but very good idea of using a rubber band I usually used a strip of tape loosely attatched but he rubber band method is easier!

    Really? well I guess that it would be useful if you "Borrowed" someones gun and jamed it!

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    You mean jammed! Sorry, I'm incredibly grammatical!

    Rigging a nerf war.

    Basically you cheat? Where's the fun in that? You would only do that if you were too rubbish to look down a sight and pull a trigger!

    don't think of it as cheating. see it as sabotage. put this as the second dart in a clip and leave it laying around.

    took me bout a hour to undo this very good sabatouge for wars :D

    Another way is load 7 darts in a 6 shot clip or load a clip into a recon shoot the first dart then hold the trigger down pull the slide back and push it forward again the next shot will jam. Won't work with slam fire guns.

    You don't need special darts to jam a nerf clip system gun. just use the gun and it will jam for you! especially if you pull back on the bolt (or other loading mechanism) too fast...they dont like that

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    In my recon with new darts, i could load as fast as i could and it wouldnt get jammed.

    why would anyone want to make one that jams? plus why would someone break a dart so it will jam? you could use a suction dart and get the exact same result!

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    I didn't know you could use suction darts, and this is meant to be used with darts that are already broken.