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It is very easy and fun to juggle a ball

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Balance is something critical in order to be able to juggle a ball, balance is gained by practicing, the more you practice the better the balance you'll have over the ball.Practice makes perfect

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A technique that can help you gain balance while juggling is if you hold the ball with both hands and drop it into your foot. You should try this with both feet so that you can gain experience with both.

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When the ball touches your foot that is when you hit the ball upwards.

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After practicing a few times you should be able to gain balance and be able to hit the ball upwards with your foot.

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However, you must not kick the ball too high, otherwise you will lose your momentum and your balance.

Step 6: Step 6 (Challenge)

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If you feel comfortable with the basic steps you should try and start juggling with both feet. ( the same rules apply for both feet)

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After a few practices you should be able to juggle freely with both feet.


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