Introduction: How to Jump Forward Using Your Trial Bike

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This instructable will teach you another basic trick for trial bikers. You can use this trick to jump over obstacles only using your backwheel.

Step 1: Grab Your Helmet

Before you start, search and find your helmet. You are an idiot when you ride your bike without wearing a helmet.

Step 2: Gettin a Little Speed

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To start, get a little speed. You have to be not that fast and not that slow. The wider you want to jump, the more speed you need.

Step 3: Get Ready to Jump

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Lean back as hard as you can to get you front wheel up in the air. Make sure you don't fall over. You have to "stand" on your bike.

Step 4: Jump

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To jump, just push up your front wheel and jump with your feet simultantely.

Step 5: Land

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The landing is very difficult since you want to keep your front wheel up in the air. Use your back wheel brake to stay balanced and let your front wheel getting down a bit.

Step 6: And Again

Picture of And Again

Just before you front would fall back in the starting position, push in the pedals to get more speed and to rise your handlebar again. Just as in the previous step: When you are high enough: Jump!

Step 7: Stop the Trick

Picture of Stop the Trick

You can repeat this as often you want. But beware, this trick is very exhausting. Pro bikers use this trick to jump over, for example, bicycle racks.


SarahBiloas (author)2016-05-28

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HHB13 (author)2016-04-28

I love Trials riding!!! I think its great some one else does too!!!

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