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I am sick of the BBC news and the other news companies in the UK harping on about so called 'Frozen Britain' I mean seriously there has to be better things going on in the world, than a bit of ice and snow. I mean seriously get a grip people! I don't know about you but in my  26 years of life... I have lived in the UK... and in that 26 years we have HARDLY had any decent amounts of snow... stop taking away my fun gorramit!

So anyway I digress... as abit of light entertainment I'm going to write a fun (non-serious) I'ble about how to keep a stupid dog amused... In three easy steps you can amuse any dumb dog (or younger sibling). Meg and Milo my two pooches are always in the background of any I'ble I create... If not in the tasting, they help hinder any progress I make,... This ones for you Milo and Meg!


NB: I can't get the Video to post, so here is a direct link:

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Step 1: Find your ingredients!

Picture of Find your ingredients!
You will need:

a Dog or multiple Dogs

Possible needs:
Some gloves
Some warm clothes
Video camcorder to record the fun

Step one:
Roll and compact a fairly medium sized snow ball, by scooping up some snow into your hands and pressing it into a round shape.

Repete as nessicery

Step 2: Throw your balls!

Picture of Throw your balls!
Step two:

Making sure your Dog or Dogs are watching throw the snowball (Not at them, I don't advocate cruelty no matter how funny the results maybe)  over the Dog/s and tell them to 'Fetch it'

It is fairly important at this juncture, to point out that if your Dog doesn't like playing fetch, this fun winter exercise simply isn't for you

repete this step as often as you want, or until your dog gets bored and just starts eating any snow nearby.
lol i LOVE the video! and the accent! :D
Biggsy (author)  Electroinnovation4 years ago
hehehe Thanks
l8nite4 years ago
well we dont get snow here or Id try this with Dizzy, she'll retrieve all day if you can throw that long, one trick I use is to throw the ball in the aboveground pool, she'll run around the pool, leapin up and trying to find the ball for a dozen laps or more. Diz is the one with the white blazed muzzle
small reduced.jpg
Biggsy (author)  l8nite4 years ago
Same with Milo... At the mo we find it quite amusing to play the vid that goes with this I'ble... He just stares at it for a moment, sit's when the vid tells him to... then tears up the front room looking for a ball to fetch ;)
aeray4 years ago
Milos ears are ridiculous :)
Biggsy (author)  aeray4 years ago
Aw, he was having what we call a 'Bad Ear day', besides I think the term is windswept and interesting ;)
ChrysN4 years ago
Cute video!
Biggsy (author)  ChrysN4 years ago
hehe thanks, I thought someone may enjoy it
Biggsy (author) 4 years ago
Pah I can't get the code to post... Nevermind there is a direct link to the vid there too