Beat the end boss at the end of the internet already (boy, wasn't he tough!) and need something to do? Want some ideas and fresh online activities to enjoy? Well, you've come to the right Instructable! Too many of us are locked away in cubicles, tethered behind desks... our computer screens are our only Windows and the view is often quite boring. I mean- Solitaire, again?!

My goal is to introduce you to at least a few good time wasters you didn't know about. This compilation in no way lists every great site or activity on the web. Not only would that be impossible, but everyone's tastes are different. So here's some fun online tips, tricks and interesting sites that should keep you entertained for hours while stuck at work surfing all day. Because isn't that what we're paid to do? ;)

Page 1. Google hacks to view and control webcams all over the world.

Page 2. The wonderful time-wasting world of online web comics.

Page 3. Online games... just don't get caught at work, mmmkay?

Page 4. Watching TV online! ...without getting scammed!

Page 5. More random timewasters, and other idea sites.

Page 6. Final tidbits...

Step 1: Google Hacking to View and Control Webcams All Over the World

This is a method of what is known as 'Google Hacking.' It's not exactly hacking in the strictest sense, but it shows you many otherwise hidden back doors... if you know the right keywords and formatting. The one we'll have fun playing with first today finds live Cannon Webcams all over the world. I like these cameras because they are motorized, and you can control them! You do have to have Java on your machine for the interface to work. Click here to see the full list, or see below for some interesting ones I've stumbled across.

White Mountain (New Hampshire USA, I believe) - Beautiful view, especially this morning. Also, if you aim the camera correctly (move it to far right and zoom in), there's an upstairs window where I watched a man prepare his breakfast and eat. I know, how voyeuristic! Well, people fascinate me. Especially since he has no idea he's being watched... it's like a little peak into the everyday life and routine of some random person somewhere I'll never meet.

BeyondBikes Store (San Diego, CA USA) - Take a peek inside this bicycle shop! When it's open, you can watch bikes being assembled, or spy on customers. At night you get to play security guard ;) See that guy walking by outside? Suspicious looking character... well, to be fair, it is California! I've been there recently and have seen the interesting folk there.

WBU FeederCam - Watch birds eating from the comfort of your cubicle. Now you, too, can have a window (of sorts)! Almost as fascinating as people, the birds have plenty of food but still fight over it. There's room for a poignant statement about the similarity in humanity here, but I'm going to let that pass by. We're trying to avoid boredom here...

A few things worth mentioning. Does everything look dark? Congratulations, you're likely peering into the other side of the world where it's still night (Such as this garden from Yamada Farm, Hiroshima). In contrast, if you bookmark those for later, before you go to bed you'll often see a nice sunrise wherever it is. If the view is moving, then some other net user is in control, looking around. When taking control of the Cannon cameras, it gives a countdown anywhere from three minutes to thirty seconds for you to play. This can be a real challenge when trying to figure out where (geographically) the camera is based! Some are conveniently named, but quite often they are unhelpfully termed "Camera 1" or nothing at all. Zooming in on billboards or business signs will usually give you something to Google. Here is a short-control-timed view of a foreign city; see if you can discover in a mere 30 seconds where it is!

There's several other Google camera-searching tricks, such as Sony cams, WebEye, Network cams, Sony (different method), this, and even this. Depending on your net connection speed, some are nearly live-motion, while others are one frame per 15 seconds. You really never know what you'll find... which I guess is half the fun of looking :)
<p><a href="http://frankschannel.tk/" rel="nofollow">http://frankschannel.tk</a></p><p>Free online tv channel with your favorite TV shows and movies!</p>
<p><a href="http://frankschannel.tk/" rel="nofollow">http://frankschannel.tk</a></p><p>Free online tv channel with your favorite TV shows and movies!</p>
<p>If you are bored I would also recommend trying <a href="https://www.youmatchup.com" rel="nofollow">https://www.youmatchup.com</a> </p><p>It is a fun website where you can answer all types of random polls submitted by users. It also allows you to customize your questions more than a simple poll.</p>
www.thethreeedds.com for Ed Edd n Eddy episodes. Every single one from the third seaason on. w00t
Oops! Google Chrome could not find www.thethreeedds.com
One site that I like to use is stumbleupon.com. you enter in topics you are interested in and it finds website for you! I have even &quot;stumbled upon&quot; instructables before!
another good website for passing time is <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/">instructables</a><br/>
There is also alot of movies http://www.icefilmstube.com
Tell me more!!!!
just <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.google.com">google</a> around a bit and you'll find loads. this <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.bringvictory.com">one</a> should keep you entertained. ;-)<br/>
i will kill you! i was using firefox, so i just closed my browser, AND IT RESTORED MY TABS!!!!!!! I WILL KILL YOU!!!!!!!
damnit. I just got rick roll'd and it took me 5 mins to finish clicking through the annoying dialogue when you try to exit the page. PEOPLe, DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINKS GIVEN BY jj32x! you will regret it!
My antivirus was going crazy when I clicked on that link. I didnt bother trying to go through it. I used task manager to end it.
Don't google webcams. Puh-lease!
what is shown in the picture for online tv?
or you could try to get hulu... the best one on the web but its invite only
but why would you get an invite?
Yea... Hulu in my opinion at least has the best package. Its still in beta though so it takes a while to get a membership. You could also try JOOST. Its pretty good.
the links don't work for me, what could be wrong?
And what abt Least I could do!, LFG, and the awesome Sinfest!!!
im not sure if anyone has said this or not, but www.miniclips.com (i think that's it) is also a cool site, but more for younger people. im not sure adults would appreciate such simple games. :)
hey wa about ebaumsworld.com big gaming web site
ebaumsworld = pure utter shite...<br/>
its not you (redacted) so shut up
haha, that didn't even make sense... typical ebaums user... but seriously, they just steal things from everywhere else...
its www.miniclip.com
ok, thanks dude ;-)
You can watch the latest films for free at :<br/><br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://quicksilverscreen.com/">http://quicksilverscreen.com/</a><br/>
ya but you have to install that stupid zango thing that gives you pop-up ads.
Here's an idea... go and hang out with your friends/family...? If you're bored online and don't know what to do, then why stay on it...? Why don't you go and do something more sociable...?
You can watch the latest films for FREE : Go to<br/><br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://quicksilverscreen.com/">http://quicksilverscreen.com/</a><br/>
Here's a neat site for all you people with extra time on your hands. www.pointlesssites.com
<a rel="nofollow" href=""></a> <br/><br/>That ones a pretty cool seaside place, I cant figure out where though. Its a lil' slow, but its still kinda cool. Thanks for posting this, by the way. These camera things are really neat-o.<br/><br/>-xD<br/>
What exactly is java??
its a programing language <a rel="nofollow" href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Java_(programming_language)">http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Java_(programming_language)</a> <br/>
I knew what javascript was..... Are you sure it isnt anything else???
i thought it was a type of coffee too
do you folks like cofee? real cofee, from the hills of columbia!
ah....duncan hills coffee is the blackest, most metal coffee of all
hell ya! deth klok rulz!
ummmmmmmm.....coffee. not cofee.
There's also an island in Indonesia called Java :P
on the website it said it was in everything from your computer to blue-ray players....
Java and javascript are not the same thing. I live with someone who teaches this stuff as part of their job and have had to suffer waaay too many lectures on the subject >.<
Cyanide and Happiness is the funniest comic ever.
i like "the whiteboard". 'bout paintball.

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