Picture of How to keep pesky flies away from your BBQ
Its summer and the perfect BBQ weather. Who doesn't like BBQ pork ribs or some grilled steak?? Nevertheless, one thing everybody hates are those stupid flies that fly around your face and land on your food. You can buy expensive bug zappers but why when you could take the safe and humane approach?? Just by taking 5 minutes, you will have a fly free BBQ.

Step 1: What you will need

Picture of What you will need
What you will need:
A clear plastic sandwich bag (you can get these at wal-mart or any other grocery store).
2 1/2 cups of water.
A bottle of lime juice.
2 teaspoons of salt.
Two or three paper clips
And some shiny pennies.

You will also need a bowl and a spoon which is are not in the picture.

You should have these things around your house. Therefore, they should not be that hard to come by.
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AlannaS115 days ago

I caught many using a small pickle jar, in which I put 1 inch of apple cider vinegar and a few drops of dish-washing liquid. But this one works for me better http://bit.ly/1Gy10TX

NiefeistaL1 month ago
Does work if you lay the bag on the table? There isn't anything to hang the bag from near my grill.
MonicaLM3 months ago
I got this idea from my neighbor. Just about 10 pennies or so, 2/3 water, zip lock baggie, few tacks. Tacked it above my Apt door (outside), it works here in Nor Cal.
rich.igou5 months ago

If you guys want to keep flies off and away from your food...you should buy a ShooAway. This device has soft blades that rotate and has holographic dots that reflect light that flies do not like. We have friends who just used ours at a family BBQ and it worked great. They got them at http://www.shooawayusa.com

rngasser1 year ago

I have used the bags with water incise no pennies, Did not seem to do much , but worth the try.After leaving on vacation for two months , returned to no flies on patio, we decided it was because the dogs were with us therefore no animal excrement forcing the flies elsewhere..

Dose it work?
I don't know how this keeps away from the flys
Evilrick5 years ago
People have been taping zip-lock bags to house doors for years for the same reason. Never heard of putting the salt, lime, and pennies in the bag. I know it works without them.
Yes,, maybe half full not 3/4 ??
ede566 Evilrick3 years ago
Ingedients are to water not putrefy i think
georion ede5661 year ago
he aid to keep pennies shiney
Up in Newfoundland (and I think in parts of the South), they tape or pin inflated paper sacks over the screen door. Seems to work. Same theory as mentioned here - flies apparently think it's a hornet or wasp nest.
Fantastic tip! This sounds very promising. I will give it a try today.
vthibault4 years ago
I thought mythbusters had busted that one for good...
mythbusters aside---the bag is FULL--i first heard of this with bag HALF FULL--i think if anyone is interested they should try several diff amts of water to give it a FAIR tesr.
I saw that episode, and to me it looked like they didn't give the files anywhere else to go, and they also used more rotting meat than the average person could accumulate in a month. I think the attraction of that overwhelming amount of food overrode whatever effect the bags had on the flies.
mazelady4 years ago
I would like to see the rotating cylinder idea expanded to be able to attach to something like a dumpster. In the summer, flies get into the garbage and by the time we roll it to the front for pickup maggots are everywhere. I mean outside around the trash can too.

I'll try hanging a bag of water over the trash can to see if that helps.
slaughter6 years ago
i heard this works cuz fly's land on it and see their reflection and get scared and leave i have heard you could use it with the pennies also but i guess the more shiny it is would be better
Then you could hang a mirror or even glass would scare em away.
nibbler1254 years ago
now for the water to be ripe it needs to be aged in direct sunlight for atleast 72 hours or else it will taste bitter
Danny_Payne6 years ago
what if the bag splits and you ribs get soaked?
Killer~SafeCracker (author)  Danny_Payne6 years ago
I doubt that would happen
it probobly would!
Killer~SafeCracker (author)  EagleDude6 years ago
Who said it had to be right over the BBQ.
Whoa! im just saying.... but there never around my grill... how about you clean yours more offen?
IF it did happen, you would simply have lemon flavored ribs/steak/whatever
dont hang it over the grill
I bet it could happen.
pyrorower4 years ago
I grew up in southern Alabama, and we always did this with just water in the bag. However, I was always told it repels flies because they think it's a wasp nest or beehive. I think though that the movement theory is more probable than mine though.
64runners5 years ago
Hm...Interesting....Does this work with Bees and Mosquitos?? <-- Think I spelt that wrong.
georion5 years ago
One more comment for your collection !!!! i first heaed of same thing---just 1/2 full of water--nothing else--and works also!!!(light defraction messing up the flies?????????)  gonna use you recipe now..
bounty10125 years ago
Thanks for the instructable, the flies are really irritating and then the little candles that are supposed to keep them away do not work. 5/5
Killer~SafeCracker (author)  bounty10125 years ago
Yeah, And the best part is that this is almost free.
S1L3N7 SWAT6 years ago
That's interesting. Makes sense though, flies are quite skittish and will avoid any movement, and the water magnifies those movements. I wonder if the same result can be achieved by something as simple as a rotating paper cylinder with alternating black and white sections. Since the transitions from light to dark would alert the flies they may feel inclined to stay away.
That really is brilliant
Pizzapie5006 years ago
Would lemon juice work too? Im all out of lime juice.
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