Step 6: Installing your apparatus

Picture of Installing your apparatus
You are done. Now just hang this above your BBQ and enjoy. I am not sure how it works but it has been keeping my families BBQ's fly free for three years now.
Thanks for reading.
Evilrick5 years ago
People have been taping zip-lock bags to house doors for years for the same reason. Never heard of putting the salt, lime, and pennies in the bag. I know it works without them.
ede566 Evilrick3 years ago
Ingedients are to water not putrefy i think
slaughter6 years ago
i heard this works cuz fly's land on it and see their reflection and get scared and leave i have heard you could use it with the pennies also but i guess the more shiny it is would be better
Then you could hang a mirror or even glass would scare em away.
Danny_Payne6 years ago
what if the bag splits and you ribs get soaked?
dont hang it over the grill
Killer~SafeCracker (author)  Danny_Payne6 years ago
I doubt that would happen
it probobly would!