How to Keep Rosin Core


Introduction: How to Keep Rosin Core


I accidentally find a cool way to keep rosin core in an un-used syringe!

I think is also better than the original tube or cilinder

Step 1: Materials

1. You need rosin core previously rounded, or you can round it around a pencil.

2. An unused syringe.

That's all

Step 2: Put the Rosin Core Inside the Syringe

Now insert the rounded rosin core into the syringe and put the piston of the syringe back!

That's all.

Thank you for watching

Martin, from Argentina



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    Very piola! (¡muy clever!) I always say bad words when the tip of the wire is hidden inside the tin tube. (Yo siempre digo malas palabras cuando la punta del alambre de estaño se esconde dentro del tubo.)

    1 reply

    jejeje Te entendi perfectamente Thank's for watching and for the comments Me alegra que sirva mi instructivo y que sea practico Nos vemos amigo!!!! Martin

    I don't see this feeding any better, but the plunger will stop it slopping about. Interesting idea. L