Picture of How to kickflip
in this instructable i will show you how to kickflip.

Items needed
and maybe some pads if you are new at the sport.
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Step 1: Stance

Picture of Stance
Your stance is the most important part of the trick if you fell uncomfortable with the way that your standing then try a different stance. your feet should be about in the middle but a little farther up.

Step 2: Kick

Picture of kick
now ollie but when you are in the middle of the ollie push to the side and flick the top concaive a little.

Step 3: Flip

Picture of flip
now when your board is being flipped move your foot back over your board.

Step 4: Land

Picture of Land
Land on your board and dont be afraid to that is what problem i had with kickflipping. Thank you for looking at my instructable.
can u d a popshvit and land it with a nose manul?
yes i can can you kick flip to manual to hand flip can
rockadio1015 years ago
yo i was scared to land on the board to but still werk in on them
SK8RGUY5 years ago
I just got a skateboard and this does not help AT ALL
maybe cause you JUST got a skateboard. you actually have to know how to skateboard to do this
marc5556 years ago
Darkstar all the way!!
DC.Robbie76 years ago
tnx man tht just like really helped mi kikflip
jemoedert6 years ago
you rly dont need a helmet for just a kickflip..
axmon6 years ago
this is as helpfull as a cripple in a marathon
globe6 years ago
nice board i just got an adam dyet board
do you have to ollie high
globe6 years ago
you should post a video
this is lacking a lot of info, and DOES NOT HELP AT ALL!!!!!!! maybe you should put a video
jorge2126 years ago
After you learn kickflips and a few other tricks, post a video on SkateVid.TV
thedog4586 years ago
grate instructable it helped me heps but you should put at the start *must be able to ollie* i hope that helped but other wise realy good =)
sk8terhippy6 years ago
hey thanks i just lerned my kickflips and i miss a lot but this instructable helped me to land them almost every time
Sweet board dude. Good job.
potato4137 years ago
sorry, but this is lacking a lot of details that are important when kickflipping. im planning on making some trick tips soon for ollie, kickflip, varial, disco fips and spins, tre flips, and some others. so check them out soon once their up!
omgdude7 years ago
coolz7 years ago
tell us how to ollie, please
killajones7 years ago
Great, now I can do this perfectly....wait a I can't, I can't even ollie!!!
pandaboy2927 years ago
dark star rox!!!
the way he puts it is easy
zero09287 years ago
Ha nice job but for somereason my heelflips are easier to o then my kicks
just got my fakie tre flips down :P
i heard heal flip is easier for goofies
napalm008 (author) 7 years ago
ya the reason i decided to do this 1 is that there are no instructables on how to do any sk8ing tricks.
It looks easy, but it's actually not very easy to do. Took me a long time kind of, but now I can do it. :-) Nice job.
PetervG7 years ago