Step 2: Weaknesses

Like all creatures, they have weaknesses. Simples include Silver, and stakes to the heart, but lets go into more detail!

Pure Silver: A werewolf legend purest will always say that a pure silver weapon (dagger, bullet, spear, etc) is the best way to destroy a werewolf. Alchemists and sorcerers throughout the ages have used silver for its magical properties. Some interesting points of pure silver is that is has the highest thermal conductivity - the intensive property of a material which relates its ability to conduct heat. Mirrors are made with silver with a process called silvering. Silver and werewolves also have a common connection - the full moon. The Greeks, Romans, Sumerians, Babylonians, Egyptians, Aztecs, Norse, Native American and just about every other ancient society used silver to build artifacts, coins, talismans, and jewelry ascribed with different powers and significance.

Mercury: Now here is where it gets a little tricky. The werewolf legends all say that silver will kill a werewolf. The problem with this is that when these legends were written the metal mercury was thought of as a kind of silver. It was called quicksilver. Mercury can form an ally with silver but it is completely unrelated to silver. Mercury is a relatively poor conductor of heat but is a good conductor of electricity and it can also be used in silvering mirrors. Alchemists often thought of mercury as the first matter from which all metals were formed. It turns out that there could be a mistake in the translation that silver will kill werewolves. It is very possible that the actual metal used to defeat the were-beast was actually mercury. Better carry silver and mercury bullets just to be safe!

Destroying the Heart of the Brain: Piecing the heart, much like in the case of a vampire, is said to kill a werewolf. Of course, it isn't enough to just stop the heart from beating because werewolves have great regeneration abilities so the heart must be cut out and destroyed, preferably burned. The same goes for the brain. Any type of skull smashing blow should stop a werewolf just like any other creature. Then, the head must be removed and destroyed to finish the job.

Wolfsbane- A highly poisonous plant, known to repel these beasts, however, it is said if it touches their skin they will die within seconds.

I am one as well and i can tell you a ton of stuff but I am use to mercury and don't even get me started on sliver. Most people want to be like us and then once they get bit they want to be human but they change so much that it is not funny. Hehehe I am being nice about it as well, I bit 5 so far and they are part of my pack things happen to the good people most of the time.
You dam dogs destroyed my life. You killed everything I knew. Even truer to turn me. When I'm done with the vampires you dogs are next.
<p>not all werewolfs are bad</p>
<p>you really believe </p>
I swear how did you become one plz tell me!!!
<p>not all werewolf turn into a dog/wolf some dont have a form they roam around like a mentally crazy person </p>
<p>A werewolf will not attack someone they consider to be a member of their pack. I have a friend who is a werewolf and has been with him when he transforms.</p>
<p>im like your cousin wolf marine because im a were fox but when its full moon night i can't control myself but i never killed a human i promise.</p>
<p>Ok wolf marine what kind of werewolf are you?</p>
Well werewolves are real because I am one but I'm s good werewolf I promise
<p>My friend lost an arm to a werewolf in Camp Half-Blood. Mr. Wolf scratch her arm so terribly it turned purple. She ended up cutting the arm of with her sword</p>
Yea right
<p>I hate the fact popular culture has turned vampires and werewolves into sparkly teenagers and guys who apparently own no tops or blood thirsty monsters I will say having known a good few vampires who explain although entertaining to watch these films give a false perception of there life having to watch your family and friends die, depending on blood and even those who say&quot; I have nothing to live for&quot; becoming a vampire doesn't make u a different person or change your situation and ill just be carrying your misery for eternity.</p><p>as for lycans I know for a fact the first transformation is more painful than ANYTHING you'll ever feel Imagine someone taking a sledge hammer to your bones ripping your skin apart and heating your body up till the blood boils its hella painful and they find it even more painful than vampires as if they do love someone they will not change them or put them through that or constantly having to watch your back for hunters .</p><p>some rules both species have to abide by are that if you &quot;change&quot; someone you are held accountable for there actions and you do not interfere with what the council or brethren or founding fathers decide finally respect all authority including human........... Rant over goodbye for now and enjoy the night and moon I believe the next one is Christmas ? ? </p>
I am a mutant. I have wings that fold into my back and I can fly. I have encounterd werewolfs a lot of times. A wooden stake will not kill one. I got bitten once, but because i'm a mutant, I am immune.
Pretty sure a dude whos name is da ninja isnt a winged mutant. Thats just stupid.
liar. and no duh wooden stakes don't work on werewolves. they only work on vampires.
<p>Vamps are fake werewolves are idk </p>
Werewolves have instincts just like humans and vampires they are not mindless beasts and should not be treated like one
IM A WEREFOX AND WEREWOLF!! I'm so cool and lying right now! Ok now no joke, I'm a wolf/fox (yes, I've had 2 last lives) therian! :) :p
Well, people please stop all of this. none of you are werewolves, they dont exist. even if you are it is propbably with some gang of pals you like roleplaying with (like being geeks that spend all their times playing MMOs and D&amp;D). the creature described is no more of legend and stop thinking you &quot;are&quot; one. there are medical terms that may be werewolf-like, but there is no literal &quot;lycanthropy.&quot; same goes for vampires
hi just so you now werewolves are real thankyou very much and to pruv it i'm going to tell you a little story so here it goes i am a werewolf i downloaded a spell of the internetc because i luv twilight and i luv jacob so i wanted to be just like him and the spell worked about a month after i did it.bye
<p>Send me a picture of you transforming please! Shouldn't be too much of a hassle :)</p>
<p>if he transform into werewolf he will be just like you babe</p>
has anyone ever thought of wolfsbane AKA aconite as a weakness it is said to hurt og kill them if used to lase a silver bullet =]
<p>I fist heard of the use of &quot;wolfsbane&quot; in the original Dracula movie with Boris Karlof. </p>
<p>The date of the records go back to 75,000BC when this myth began; No wonder there is such fascination with werewolves and other creatures of the night in human civilization. </p>
<p>Kill them when they are still in their human form.</p>
Werewolves suck! especially jacob black! Vampires are cool though. in case you can't tell I <3 twilight! i am obsesed
Lycan do not suck, especially Jacob Black. Us Vampyre think lycan are alright.
Yeah your right... <br> Werewolf are not killer.. <br>Specially.. Are Vampires Friendly?
well thank you we werewolves are not just simple minded animals
&nbsp;THANK you!<br /> <br /> Finally someone who thinks we're good!<br /> <br /> (Which we are...)<br />
no ur not.
Get a life, get a book on grammar, and stop necroposting.
you are a big ol' jerk. i am so offended.
I was born with werewolf blood but somehow I could destroy the cells before turning.
Seriously,, are you really a werewolf??
Hey I'm developing a vampirism cure for my girlfriend. Well by that I mean going through a old vampire tomb of a vampire god of resurrection.
Werewolves kick vampire coffin, werewolves are totally better.
no, we are better than those hounds
You tell yourself that. But why don't you stop talking and start doing?
If you ask me, there are way too many ways to kill a vampire.
Yes. There are.
Plus they don't even blend well, just look for the pale and throw holy water on him, jeez.
i killed 20 of them already. i hate the creatures.
Not nearly, werewolves have fangs and claws, last time I checked vampires only have fangs.
oh my gosh another war i see -_- i thought all this stuff was settled a long time ago .... i guess i gotta call my cousin whos a compromiser
I won this last year, check the date.

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