Introduction: How to Kiln-wash and Set Up Shelving in a Kiln

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I did this at TechShop Menlo Park.

Proper set up inside a kiln will allow you to work on multiple projects and treating your set up with proper care will make it last. This is how:

Step 1: Materials

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Purchase a variety of sizes of Kiln posts, one Cordierite shelf for the base, multiple Silicone Carbide full size and half size shelves and a bag of powder Kiln wash. Before purchasing make sure you know the measurements of your kiln. We have a 10 sided kiln so we got 10 sided shelves. Kilns vary.

Step 2: Kiln Wash

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Only use Kiln wash on the Cordierite shelf which will serve as your kiln bottom catching accidental spilled glazes and such. Mix Kiln wash with water and make a smooth milky mixture. Shoot for a thin consistency of heavy whipping cream. Apply many layers with a brush, brushing in all directions and drying between layers.

Step 3: Install the Kiln Bottom

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Using a few of the shortest of your posts at the bottom of kiln for prop-up, place your multi-coated and fully dried bootom shelf at the bottom of the kiln.

Step 4: Shelving

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Always use at least 3 same length posts to prop up your shelves weather they are full or half size. Stack your shelving to fit the spatial needs of your projects.

Step 5: Load Artwork

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You are ready to arrange artwork on your shelves and bake. Make sure all your pieces have the same baking temperatures.


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