Step 6: Use It!

Put by a door to keep it either open or shut and mind you don't bang your toes on it!
I have always loved this. Today I finally signed up with my own Instructables account and thought I should come straight over here and tell you this!
This is fantastic!
Thanks, it was fun to make and straightforward enough for a fairly new knitter.
That's great, it's a pity I can't knit. I hope I'll find the pattern for crochet ;)
All you need to make is 6 panels the correct dimensions to cover your brick, and 8 circular-ish pieces to cover the lids for the knobs. Unfortunately I don't crochet, so can't advise further.<br><br>
Done! I've done it as a crocheted box, as a 2x2 Lego brick. Thank you for the idea!<br>(The colous is bright red, even if in the photo looks like fucsia....)
Do you have instructions? I really want to get into those stuff. :)
That is really neat - you should write an Instructable on how you did it. <br><br>I had the same problem with the red looking fuchsia in flash photos.<br><br>Lizzy
Thank you! :) Yes, I thought about it, but I didn't want to &quot;copy&quot; you. So, if it's okay for you I'll try. I'm not a native English speaker, I hope I can do it well!
I'0ve done my first istructable! https://www.instructables.com/id/Lego-brick-crocheted-box/ Thank you Lizzy!!!!!!!
I love it too much, I've made another one, bigger.
i just finishd makin my own bricks i used left over plywood that i had made a box and 2 pieces of wood tht would fit inside it like a lid tht would rest in side the box to seperate the breicks i made 2 bricks out of quickcrete they luk gud
this has officially made knitting AWESOME!<br>good job!
KNITTING was ALREADY 'officaly awesome'!!!!!
heh, not in my book it wasnt :P
But it is NOW, and since it's 'official', it can't be changed.<br>Hah!!
well, officially, official things can change ;)
This is SO cute! What a great idea!
AWESOME.<br><br>Now if I only knew how to knit...
these are simple peices too you might be able to do them on a knitting loom, and use a small circular one for the bottle caps
Thanks!<br> <br> All you need to do is look for the right <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Knitting-Instructions-Learn-to-Knit/">Instructable</a><br> <br> <br>
Love it! So if you make a whole bunch you can build a house with it.
One of my sons made a similar comment :-)
Awesome. If I would knit, I would so make one, too. But with my inexperience in knitting, I guess it'd take me until retirement :-)
Thank you. It is all done with easy knit &amp; purl, nothing fancy at all. If you used a chunky yarn I'm sure it wouldn't take too many years :-)
This has 'winner!' written all over it! Good luck, it's really great!

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