How to knit a 'proper' egg cosy for a Faberge egg!

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If you are the proud owner of a jewel encrusted (or other) Faberge type egg, you most certainly want your treasure kept free of plebian dust! Alternatively if you just have a common or garden hard boiled egg and want to keep it warm while you sip your tea, or eat your toast, this little cosy will do the job! An egg cosy is a miniature tea cosy with no handle or spout, and many of the techniques are the same!

With yarn of your choice (preferably four ply or double knitting) Cast on 33 stitches on 3mm needles in the colour of your choice, and knit 6 rows knit 3, purl 3 rib. The odd rows will start purl 3.

Row 7, knit 3 in colour A, knit 3 in colour B, being careful to twist the yarns to avoid making an unintentional hole ater the first 3 stitches. Continue across in this manner, ending with knit 3 A.

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Step 1: Knitting tiny stripes

Picture of knitting tiny stripes
Row 8, purl 3 B, purl 3 A, across until the last 3 stitches - purl 3 B. Continue in stripes in this way

Step 2: Knit 7 rows in stripe

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Knit seven rows in stripes, alternating 3 colour A, 3 colour B in stockinette stitch.

Discontinue striped effect and

Row 1- continue in knit 3 colour Be, knit 3 colour B.

Row 2 - purl three B, purl three colour A
for about an inch
stinkymum (author) 6 years ago
This now has a home in London, England, where they know how to treat a proper English egg cosy!