Step 12: There is no limit to the pattern!

When you become more adventurous and friends start admiring (and wanting) your tea cosy, you can vary the pattern by knitting stripes, and squares (and even intarsia designs) following the basic pattern. You can even knit an American flag, although working with more than two colours really gets you in a tangle.

The pleats on the wrong side retain the heat from the tea and keep the whole pot warm for much longer. My mission - no more cold tea pots!


Now all you need to know is how to make a 'proper' cup of tea!

bouder3 years ago
I was raised by tea loving (Canadian) parents and we always had a tea cosy or two! After I was married, I saw and fell in love the tea cosy that my husband's (Scottish) Grandmother had. It is identical to yours, but she does not have the pattern! So you can imagine how excited I was when I saw this post! If only it came in crochet instructions. as I cannot knit! :-(
KittyF3 years ago
do you use wool or artificial fibers for your cosy?
peely1243 years ago
just became a member why carnt i download PDF keeps saying become a member!! help
angladrion6 years ago
What is the ply of this wool please? Double knitting?
liz536 years ago
thank you...thank you....I have always wanted to learn how to make these, I have had terrible results in the past!! Can't wait to make one....
sandrac6 years ago
Thanks for having this pattern on your site. I had lost mine (which had always been in demand for gifts to friends), during a move, and was delighted to find it again. This is indeed one of the best cozies I've ever made. Really does keep the tea pot hot longer! Loved your creative ideas for the pattern.
twingosmum6 years ago
They look great! Will pull out some bright yarns and give one a go!!