Step 20: Weave around thumb sleeve

Picture of Weave around thumb sleeve
You don't want to close off the opening of the thumb sleeve, so you will weave the yarn around it. 

If it helps you understand exactly where the thread should be woven, slip the glove on your hand and stick your thumb through the sleeve.   Simply weave the needle through the stitches as shown in the picture, until you reach the next edges of the glove that should be sewn together.  If this step is confusing, I can possibly create a drawing or picture to assist further (please post feedback).

Continue whip stitching the rest of the glove edges, keeping them aligned, until complete.  Weave the yarn back through about 3 inches of whip stitches to hide the end, then cut the thread. 
sparks_mcgee10 months ago

Do you tie off the yarn at the end? Or does the "weaving back through about three inches" keep it from unraveling? Thanks!