How to know Secrets in the Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Game?

Picture of How to know Secrets in the Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Game?
Does the name GTA San Andreas need any introduction? I think it does not need it. Here, I am going to put down some of the lesser know secrets. People have rarely written about those secrets and here let us unearth some of them. You can get access to those unknown things only if you have installed the game file on your PC or PlayStation.
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Step 1: Dumping of Dead Bodies

Picture of Dumping of Dead Bodies
Area of San Andreas city is quite big and spread over several acres in the game. There are various locations which are named as Los Santos, Las Venturas, etc. In these locations, some serial killer is dumping dead bodies of victims. The killer uses a truck which helps him to export the bodies to that place. And there is a cave in a desert. Bodies dumped there appear to be brutally hit. They are soaked in a lot of blood.

Step 2: Police Beating a Man

Picture of Police Beating a Man
If you have seen police officials then Frank Ten Penny is the worst among all. He is the most corrupt and brutal one. But wait a minute. There are some other known faces who defeat Frank in terms of brutality. If you desire to see this then you can visit a place named Pershing Square. There go to the local police station and it has a basement where you can enter from backside. When you reach inside, you find few men in uniforms beating a helpless man. The moment you step in, they scatter away so as to avoid you.

Step 3: Funny Grave

Picture of Funny Grave
Around the city, there are few graveyards. Visit one of them in Los Santos and read an inscription embedded on a grave which reads some funny lines. I have attached the photo of that grave below. Have a look at it.
T_Magweta8 months ago