How to Know If Yahoo! Users Are Signed in As Invisibles Mode





Introduction: How to Know If Yahoo! Users Are Signed in As Invisibles Mode

this will show you how to know if yahoo users are signed in as invisible mode
and it really works to yahoo messenger 8 but i didnt try it to 9(beta)....

how it works: doodle will start if your friend is invisible mode like this:::"JOHN" appears offline but doodle works so he is on invisible mode::::

Step 1: Sign in to You're Yahoo Messnger Account.....

if you're aware of your privacy login to a fake account...

Step 2: Choose an Offline or Invisible Friend!

click to the friend that you suspect off...

Step 3: Open a New Window!!

then open a new window or chatting to your friend and load IMDOODLE....

Step 4: It WiLL Appear Like This!!

it will appear like this when you load it....

Step 5: Then....

type something on it.....this will appear a new window to your friend who is on invisible mode......... im doodle will load and start if she/he is in invisible mode like this!!!!!

Step 6: WaLLah!!!!!

if the friend is on invisible mode, imdoodle will load and start....
and if NOT the user is reaLLy offLine!!! your service!!



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Dude, you're using a screenshot of my yahoo messenger user O_o

did i do this instructable? i don't remember... :))

Why do you capitalize all your Ls?

Yeah, what he said! Oh, that was me. Sorry. :P