How to Lace Up Some Thuggin' Converse "Doubles"





Introduction: How to Lace Up Some Thuggin' Converse "Doubles"

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Alright! You just bought some sweet Converse shoes, but wait. What's this? There Are TWO sets of grommets for TWO laces?!?! Don't worry, I'm about to show you how to make those kicks fly as they come.

Step 1: Background

This all started tonight when I went to Bob's with my Mom and saw some Converse shoes, that were only 25 bucks! They were horribly ugly (probably why they cost 25 bucks) so I fell in love with them immediately. When I took them home, I went online to find the proper way to lace up the "double" style, but there was nothing. So I made my own thuggin' way to lace them up. After I was finished, I decided I had to share my work with the world (along with how to do it) with my first Instructable.

Step 2: Getting Started

Ok, so now you have your "Double" style shoes. Time to start lacing up.

The first step is to put in both laces. lace in the inner laces first (white), then the outer layer (brown).

Please notice: The inner lace's crossover point is on the inside of the inner flap, the outer laces crossover point is on the outside of the outer flap. This makes it so the inner laces ends come out towards you, and the outer's ends go in towards the shoe. We will repeat each laces order of lacing every grommet, so it's important to get it right now. It's clearer on the picture.

Step 3: The Inner Laces(Start)

Now it's time to do the inner laces.

Use the shorter laces for the inner flap, the longer laces for the outer. Make sure the laces are even before you start!

Note which hand lace you do first. I'm going to use the right hand lace as first to avoid confusion.

Take the right hand lace and feed it through the next grommet on the left side of the inner flap of the shoe. make sure you lace it from the inside, so that the lace goes under the flap and comes out the grommet coming towards you. then lace the left hang lace through the next grommet on the right side of the inner flap. Again, make sure the lace goes under the flap and comes out of the grommet coming towards you.

Now that the first lacing is done, continue up the shoe. Remember, the lace that comes out on the right hand side goes first!

Step 4: The Inner Laces(Finish)

Continue lacing until you reach the third to last grommet. Coming out of the third to last grommet, lace the laces through the lace holder thing on the tounge (right hand first, remember?). Then lace them through the second to last grommet.

This is where you tie it off. I'm not going to explain how to tie your shoes. I'm sure there's another instructable on that. Don't tie the laces too tight for two reasons. The first is so you can easily slip your foot in and out without tieing and untieing. The second reason is the next step, where we'll be weaving the outer laces in through the inner ones.

Step 5: The Outer Laces(Start)

Now for the outer laces. This really ties the shoe's look together (haha).

Start with the crossover point on the outside of the outer flap. We set this up in the first step. Remember, the laces go in the grommets, towards the shoe, the opposite of the inner laces. and also the opposite is the starting hand side. If you started on the right hand side on the inner laces, you start with the left hand side on the outer laces.

With the laces ready to go, take the first lace side, the left one in my case, and slip it under the second lacing of the inner lace (look at the picture). Then lace it going into the shoe, like the crossover point. Do the right hand lace next, again under the second laceing of the inner laces. Pull it through the grommet towards the shoe and you're done with the first one!

Now every time you lace the outers through, use the next set up from the one you used last.

Step 6: The Outer Laces(Finish)

Now keep lacing up to the fourth to last grommet. This is where you go under the laces that are in the lace holder thing. Lace them through these inner laces the same way you did the others, and through the thrid to last grommet.

Now just crossover the outer laces under the inner laces knot, and in through the second to last grommet. Put the shoe on and tie the knot with the outer laces, again leaving the last grommet unlaced. It's up to you wheather you tie them tight or leave them loose, like me.

Step 7: One More to Go!

Great! One down, one to go. Do the same on the next shoe, or you can switch hands (if you did right first, do left first for each one) on the next shoe.

Step 8: You're Done

Great, now go out on the town and see how many comments you get! Keep them kicks clean bro.

And remmeber, this isn't the "correct" way to lace these up. I don't know if there is a "correct" way to lace up doubles, but try it out. send me some pics if you do up a pair of your own or if you have sweet shoes. And I'm new here so add me as a friend or something!

-Andrew Shaw



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    Awesoeme man! thanks for the tutorial! i have also looked online for a long time and i cant find anything on how to tie those...ecxept for your instructable :D



    1 reply

    He's a dude. I think he's allowed to be.

    if you're not telling him to be a jerk, why are you telling him? he can see 'em, he probably knows :)

    you keep rockin' those woolly getaway sticks, guy.

    ThnkZ a ton.. fr so many days i ws trying to tie my laces nw i hav finally tied it..

    Thanks man! Me and my friend were trying so many different ways to do this till I finally looked it up!

    thanx so much. if it wasnt 4 u i would have spent days trying to figure them out , now i could actually show off my new convers .thanx again man

    thanks! now i can wear my new sweet kicks!!

     awesome if u want a nother way you can use both shoelaces look for checkerboard sholelcing on the computer (or u can see my instructable)

    Thanks so much! I kept on trying my own versions but none of them worked out, so I googled it. They look nice now, see?

    Photo 6.jpg
    2 replies

    sweet sweet. good to see people are stilll using this instructable haha. make a sick new design and an instructable of your own I wanna see what other people can think up

    hey...thanks for was vry helpful.....i googled it n got ur instructions.....

    yay! i did them a little diferently but same method. I took me about 2 hours

    i would be lost and shoe swagg-less without your help THANX ALOT

    Superb!!! I can fianally wear then now after being unlaced under the stairs for over 3 months!

    So very helpful!!! Thank you!!!

    yeah, they are weird looking so many holes like a spider's eyes why not the regular 5-7 eyelets?

    pretty sweet structable here. the only thing i would say is that instead of knotting both laces separately, wait till you are done lacing up the shoe and grab the inside and outside laces at the same time and make one knot with both laces.