My front yard was very dangerous with the ground being uneven together with rocks of all sizes and mud.  So I decided to at least make the path to my house more safe and also more beautiful but temporary as later I would remove it and make it much better.  

In this instructable I will show how I proceeded by tracing the path, building and laying the slabs in place. At the end there will also be pictures of how it became after about 3 months.

The Second image shows how the path looked before.

Tools required:-
PIck- For digging and moving huge rocks
Hoe- To help remove Soil
Rebar and Binding wire- To make skeleton for slab
Concrete- Used to build the slabs and other small stuffs
Hammer- Used to build and demolish things (but mostly for putting in nails)
Nails- to joins in pieces on wood
Woods planks - to build mould for pouring the slabs( other enclosures can be used)
Rod and Line- used to set straight line to aid in positioning the slabs correctly
Measuring tape- to help in the various parts of the assignment
Old carpet- used to pour slab on so that slab does not stick onto concrete (other materials can be used too)
Pry-bar- to dismantle the mould, remove nails but also aid in removing stones and to dig
Level- to check level on ground and adjusting the slabs

Step 1: Planning

Since this walkway would be used several times during the day but mostly by foot and bicycle, I decided to use slabs and since I had all the necessary materials they were built onsite. Also they will be used frequently so the slabs needed to be wide, comfortable, secure and not slippery to be able to move rapidly on them.  So I opted to build a slab of length 19.5 inches, width 20 inches and thickness of 2 inches.  When building the walkway a distance of 6 inches should be left in between.

The walkway would Start from the stairs and end to the road, by using a rod with a line string attached to it I inserted the rod into the ground at the starting point (the stairs) and run the line to the road to get a straight line so that marks can be made on the ground to know how much distance to leave in between the slabs but also how many slabs will be required. From the stairs, about 4 inches was left then the first slab would be placed then 6 inches of space would be left in between where the next slab will come and this goes on until the end is reached.

The pictures shows how everything was before the arrival of the materials and before the slabs were put in place.

Really cool idea! My dad is always working on our house, I'll tell him to check this out. <br /> <br />GM
Thx for the comment, sure tell him to check it out he might even make something much better than I did :D

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