Introduction: How to Leave School Early.

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Ok There was an 'ible posted but it covered one quite poor technique...

These are the tricks I learned from a school I hated a lot, I was caught the odd time, which is a good thing, it exposes the holes in your plans, making it harder to be caught the next time.

Also no school, no matter what is completely inescapable, some may be harder to fool, to the point where it's a waste of effort but it can always be done.

Also since photos are going to be difficult I'll do my best with one's on my computer and google...

Step 1: When Do You Want to Leave?

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This is important to the whole thing, if you're planning on leaving between classes that's ok we'll cover that.

You need to pay attention to routine, you don't want to walk past the teachers break room window on your way out, more so you need to get an idea of what teachers are on patrolling where, in every school there are a few teachers on patrol, usually teachers that chose the job of doing that...

The older they are the better they are at it, new teachers are easier to get around, consider this in your plans, the longer a teacher has been at the school the better they will know all the wee tricks students do or did.

Step 2: Your Way Out...

Picture of Your Way Out...

Carefully consider your route out of the school and away from it, you don't want to be walking down the road in plain view of the teachers that may or may not be on duty, they can walk as well, they also wont hesitate to go get you...

The best areas to leave the school are usually the corners of the grounds, where you can go from a corner to the other side of the street and not have far to go before being out of view.

Other great places are those that have maybe a small gate with a side street or two close to them, even hopping the fence isn't the worst plan, you're actually much better off getting figured out afterwards than you are getting caught in the act, since it becomes a little more grey, when they can't be completely sure what was going on to start with.

Your way out should also be in the direction of where you're going, otherwise you'll have to backtrack around the school risking being caught on and you'll have to walk about more...

Step 3: Leaving at Break Time

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Break time, in the morning when it's only around 15 minutes most places can be tight.

Does your school have prefects? Do they monitor the gates? If so having a big brother or friends big brother is good right about now. Other than that look about for prefects that are lazy or always late, getting out quickly before everyone else is about is probably the best way to do it.

Try and get straight out of your class and directly to the place your leaving by, walk calmly and quickly, so as not to get stopped for running or anything stupid like that.

When you see a clear entrance have a quick look about for any teachers or such, look to see if any are behind you, it's a schoolboy error but I've seen someone do it...

Coasts clear, walk off quickly and get out of view of the entrance and school, keep going until you're a bit away, for the meantime don't go to the closest shops, or use that route, teachers or prefects may be nipping out for their break/lunch.

Probably best you eat after your escape is over...

Step 4: Leaving at Lunch...

Picture of Leaving at Lunch...

Lunchtime works similarly to leaving at break except for two things, first of all you have a lot more time to play with, getting out quickly is a good way to do it since people have to go get their lunch and this makes it harder to travel around the school, also the people on duty will be getting their lunch from somewhere...

However lunchtime also gives a better set options for leaving at the end of it, since it's longer you have time to walk about and still have an excuse for doing something.

Lunch is also a common time for people to have to leave for any appointments, walking out the gate like nothing is going on, calm and normal, should someone ask what you're doing turn round looking a bit confused and go what sir/miss, I have a doctors/dentists/family appointment/meeting keep the story very straight and simple, complicated lies are easy to trip up and less you're a good liar. Should the topic of notes come up search your pockets unfold all those bits of paper, shift things around looking for it, eventually look confused and spoof it, say I don't know where it is, can I bring it to you tomorrow morning. If the teacher is feeling in the mood to follow up then you have a whole day to make a forgery or come up with a way of doing something about it, just remember KISS Keep It Simple, Stupid

Another good way of walking straight up to the gate with a teacher there is take out your phone and pretend to phone a family member and in earshot say something like Yeah I'm leaving now, don't worry I wont be late. The teacher will immediately be concerned with the phones in school rule, so you'll have the time to explain that you were simply phoning a family member so they knew you were on your way to the (insert excuse place here).

By now you must be thinking I'm a nut job but with a little thought or if needs be a full scale military operation you can extricate yourself from learning things...

To give you an idea we once managed to get half of our year out of school, with noone's knowledge, this was no easy feat but nothing was said the next day, mainly because any parent would turn round and ask exactly how such a thing could happen.

Step 5: Leaving Between Classes.

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There's a certain time between classes, depending on how the schedule works that basically every student in the school will be going somewhere, which is pretty handy for you. These times are perfect for leaving school, you just get lost in the fray.

During the last few periods of class some students will already be leaving if they have no more classes, this makes for an excellent opportunity, simply blend on in to the crowd.

Should it be earlier than that you will have to go at just the right time, when all hell is breaking loose you should be going to the closest exit that's not in the direction of your next class, so you don't bump in to the teacher on the way, if you suddenly see them walking towards you start hurrying, try not to be noticed but look like you're a bit bothered and keep shifting, explain the appointment excuse and that the previous class teacher wouldn't let you leave early for it...

If you can wrangle it right then use these times to your advantage by asking the teacher of the class before could you go a few minutes early for whatever cock and bull reason, if they're a softie explain that you need to go tot he toilet but the next teacher is really strict... You'll be gone just as it's all kicking off.

Step 6: The Great Escapes.

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In large schools, especially ones with a mix of very old and new buildings it's quite easy to find little place that you can escape via.

It's always worth knowing the little places anyway, they can provide shelter from a missed homework, a hidey hole for a quick cigarette at break, an escape route...

Along the back of a school, note the existence of any alleys etc. there are often a number of entrance routes for the likes of rubbish removal and whatnot around there.

Another good point is that most fences aren't too serious around a school, if they're not high take a walk around the grounds one day, figuring out where would be a good place to go around.

Hell better yet call it a maths or geography project, take a meter roller and go around the perimeter of the grounds. Now it seems like bordering on crazy but I for one like to know about the places I visit every day.

large bushes and shrubberies are always an excellent place to slip away and an even better place to slip in to for a hidey hole on a nice day.

Any gate or entrance is also an exit.

Fire escapes present a handy way out, not so much out as up, our old school had a three foot thick wall about twenty foot high running up the back of it, it was an old school and the wall had been rebuilt in a lot of different ways, up a fire escape, on to the wall and down a lampost in the back alley... That kind of thing is a little extreme and is obvious behaviour if seen but is a surefire way to leave without being asked questions...

Step 7: Routines, Reasons and Alternatives.

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Why are you skipping school? If it's for one class then cutting the whole day seems dumb...

If you do truly hate your school then speak to your parents about it, ask about moving schools, if that become an option, then tow the line and lick boot, get the grades then get out of there, a term's effort is better than a few years of a horrible school, why do you think I know this rubbish.

If you are skipping often and feel you have justified it to yourself then don't make it a routine that kind of behaviour and absences are very easy to notice, even to a rookie teacher, also doing it too much is a dead giveway. if you skipped two or three days in a week then stay in for a week or two, make it random, never choose a skip day it'll screw you right over...

You don't always have to skip the whole thing, if you're sneaking away to avoid handing something in, skip the class and avoid that teachers department, much easier than a whole day unless you can't avoid them.

If it's because of detention leave at the last possible moment, or just walk out of school as normal, act coy, should the teacher taking it or the one that gave you it pick you up then simply say you forgot or make an excuse added to I thought it was next week/tomorrow

Step 8: The Rest of the Stuff...

Picture of The Rest of the Stuff...

You'll probably have noticed that I have avoided anything about faking sick... It's a tried and tested means of failure, I had a distinct advantage of running hot anyway and a temperature is never enough, got swarthy skin? Even when you're sick they think you're fine... Throwing up, that right there is a trip to the nurse/sister/office for a cool drink of water and a sit/lie down. Followed by some long and boring calls, losing you the ability to escape the parents or being sent back to class.

Don't skip school just because you feel like it, that's pretty dumb, considering the fact that your education is of importance, wait until you get a job, a good one, then start pulling sickies...

Remember, and I am warning you because I have come close to the line before, You are running the risk of detention, suspension, expulsion, lecturing from parents, a bad job, lawful action upon both you and your parents. Skipping school shouldn't be taken lightly, it's playing with fire.


Ducks12345 (author)2015-07-08

As long as I had a pass and no backpack cutting class was easy. If you plan on cutting class maybe do it when there is another lunch period and just go to that lunch if you have friends in it

JasonF6 (author)2015-05-23

I was a nerd and a 'good kid'. I was also good at cutting class, skipping school and hacking. The fact that I was a Good Kid meant that teachers cut me a lot of slack. I was a member of the Honor Society. In my school, members of the Honor Society could use their membership card as a hall pass as long as you had permission from your teacher (never a problem--they didn't want to do the paperwork). However, if you got caught abusing your card, teachers could take it away (never happened to me even though I had helped myself to some spares... I know kids who 'lost' their cards because they used them to cut class). I was a member of my school's stage crew. My favorite place to hide when I was cutting class or skipping school was in the catwalks or the crossover. The teachers and security never looked there and I did not look out of place. From there, it was a matter of disabling the thoroughly hacked alarm and slipping out the back door. From there, it was off to the student parking lot (easy.... just look cool and act like you belonged) and FREEDOM!

I have a friend who went to school near the Canadian / US border. For her, double study hall on a Friday meant slip out of school via the school's stage--like me, she was on the stage crew--and make a beer store run... a quick hop over the border, then to the beer store to Reach for a (two four of) Blue, then back to school and hopefully no one be the wiser. Beauty, eh?

Grshfo10 (author)2015-01-14

What I do is I wait for when I have gym outside then I slip into the woods and take the trail to the street from there, I walk home

Plunderpirates3527 (author)2014-10-06

I found some images from Wikihow. Here they are:

Plunderpirates3527 (author)2014-10-06

Sneaking out maybe hard but easy and coming back in is the hard part.

So I wouldn't sneak out if I were you.

Pillowfight3546 (author)2014-09-29

I tried this before but I failed because a lot of teachers were out there and they talked and one saw me sneaking past then I got caught and I was in very big trouble in school. I'm never sneaking out of school. I swear teachers!

ChipzAhoyMcCoy (author)2014-02-03

I tried to walk out of school to go home, but a police officer caught me, and I made up an excuse that I was sick and my dad wouldn't take me home, until my dad came there in like 5 seconds (he's a police officer as well)

did he say (your name), what are you doing outside?

Laserkiller (author)2014-05-28

well my school has uniforms and every time i get out I get caught because of my uniform

panny1996 (author)2012-11-01

I remember my days, im 15, my school got over this year, in mumbai its absoultely impossible to cut class in school, cuz heavy security and cameras and rfid uniforms....u just cant leave that easily, yeah i had few sweet teachers there and i just made some or the other medical problems and tried to leave early. Somtimes my friends used to feel jealous about my drama and used to complain that, hard time right? But now im in restriction can leave and come anytime and another great thing we dont have attendance.

panny1996 (author)panny19962012-11-01

We are here protected by law. The schools nor colleges cant suspend us on any cause. If detained by the school, the school tops the crime headlines. The only best thing u can do in class is to sleep.

panny1996 (author)panny19962012-11-01

We are here protected by law. The schools nor colleges cant suspend us on any cause. If detained by the school, the school tops the crime headlines. The only best thing u can do in class is to sleep.

zack247 (author)2012-04-12

ive never really thought about it but theres probably a million ways to get out of my school unnoticed :P
sure, they have cameras, but you can observe their viewing angle and figure out their blind spots.
not to mention at noon lots of students go to the nearby mall for food, you can easily go home from there.
theres some places with outdoor exits that arent covered by cameras (like classrooms and such) and theres almost no cameras on the exterior of the school.

ive never really had a good enough reason to skip but if i really want to i just get my parents to clear me for the day saying im "sick".

mekennedy1313 (author)2012-01-24

If you think this is a good idea think about what was expected of kids before school was mandatory. It came under the heading of cheap disposable labour. All that can be said of this 'ible is willful stupidity! Stay in school and get the education that lets you succeed in life.

lhinkle (author)2012-01-18

cant u just take a hot pocket warm it up in the microwave and rub it on ur head before u eat it

freeza36 (author)2011-11-08

I could never do this. I get in trouble for cutting class a couple minutes early, never the less a full period. Plus my school has cameras.

Don,t try this at home (author)2011-05-23

Or do what i do walk out and if they see you run lol. It also helps if you know someone who lives next to the school so you can just hand at there house.

rickharris (author)2011-02-21

Oh dear the world is full of smart people who think they don't need or can't be bothered to get educated - It's " Soooo boring" - Most of them are unemployed.

Lesson to learn there?

jbrissette (author)rickharris2011-04-29

'Many students, especially those who are poor, intuitively know what the schools do for them. They school them to confuse process and substance. Once these become blurred, a new logic is assumed: the more treatment there is, the better are the results; or, escalation leads to success. The pupil is thereby "schooled" to confuse teaching with learning, grade advancement with education, a diploma with competence, and fluency with the ability to say something new.'

-Ivan Illich, "Deschooling Society."

rickharris (author)jbrissette2011-04-29

Our society has come to rely on the bits of paper produced by students at school to differentiate between the "good and bad". This is a fact for better or worse.

Whereas I agree you can't teach a student who doesn't want to learn - at least being present and keeping quite and non-disruptive makes it more likely that some knowledge will stick.

It has been long known that "Knowledge is that information that remains when you have forgotten what you learned".

jbrissette (author)rickharris2011-04-30

I'm not disagreeing with the usefulness of a degree. I know from personal experience that dropping out and finishing with a GED can result in working full time at a job you don't like and pays enough to rent yourself a life but not enough to make going to university seem feasible. And run-on sentences, too.

I also know that the U.S. Is losing the education competition, that we graduate a proportionally insane number of lawyers to scientists, economists and engineers, and that No Child Left Behind only guarantees that the slow kids earn degrees with lower standards. Our education system is almost systemically being watered down, and the most we can say is, "Well, earn it anyway. It's the litmus test we use to estimate your value."

Probably is indeed... I made this as part of burning questions, I escaped school plenty but I never had the attitude of not needing educated...

daviesshelby (author)2010-12-18

This is all very cute, but as an English teacher I recommend you don't cut class. Your posts are full of comma splices. :)

It's an awful habit, but much better than my two page sentences.

Maksim125 (author)2010-10-23

Behind my school theres a big cement path into pennypack park! I know where it leads and It goes near my home. So that is a perfect place to escape.

Maksim125 (author)2010-10-23

Very good job, My middle school has 45 minute periods so there is always somebody walking around every 45 minutes. But I live 2 miles away from my school :( and it takes a hour to get home if I take the shortcut through the bridge with the train tracks.

im a rainbow too! (author)2009-06-12

naa here's what you have to do: if they use the under the tounge themometers, you take a penny (that you have cleaned with soap and rubbing alcohol and boiling water) and put it under your tounge. gets your temrature to about 99-100 =D

and if they use the ear one, get a piece of foil, and make a ball small enough th fit in your ear. before you check your temp. rloo the ball in your hands to produce friction.

Enjoy =D

Wait, they can seriously take your temp. with your ear?

Randomguy65 (author)Rock Soldier2010-09-02

Yep. In America, taking your temperature thru your ear is the most common. Now, this is going to sound nasty, but they can also take your temp by sticking a thermometer up your @$$.

SpiroExDeus (author)Rock Soldier2009-07-17

Yep. New electronic ones do it. They have a little paper cover that they put over the end so that the actual thermometer doesn't come into contact with anything - which is nice to know as I DON'T want someone else's ear infection :D

They can take your temp. with your ear?

pikathebudgie1234 (author)2009-01-23

what are blazers???

Jumpers I think

SpiroExDeus (author)cornflaker2009-07-17

Nope a Jumper is a jumper (or in America it can be a sweater). A blazer is a jacket.

Randomguy65 (author)SpiroExDeus2010-09-02


A blazer is a school jacket with a traditional cut. You know. The ones with a badge on one of the top pockets. They're more common in Britain. Probably worn more in Private schools in America although I've heard that they're becoming more popular in America.

A blazer goes with a school uniform. The theory goes that a common uniform breeds a common sense of respect and, well, uniformity and that it prevents bullying. This would only ever be true if a school were to provide the uniforms themselves. Most don't. They provide the badge to sew on the blazer usually but that's it. So instead of getting picked on for not having Nike trainers or whatever you get picked on for wearing a Nylon blazer and not a wool one.

Hiyadudez (author)2010-09-01

About a month ago, I got a tiny tiny splinter while using bamboo sticks in P.E. and i said it was really really stinging. The sent me home for a splinter, apparently they were not allowed to remove it, hehe, incase of any infections if any was left unde the skin, and it would be their fault.

Well that's one way, granted the sudden magnetism to splinters might seem a bit odd to the school.

Hehe. My mate came into the medical room while i was waiting to be picked up, i told him. He tried getting a splinter too. In the end he broke a pencil in half, and tried to jab it into his finger. It was because we had a 2 hour English assessment to do that day :-P

bounty1012 (author)2010-03-04

Well, the logic that you are marked present in one "block" and absent the next without documentation would lead to suspicion... Your best bet is probably just to stay in school...

bounty1012 (author)bounty10122010-03-04

Unless you're Peter Griffin!

JohnJY (author)2009-01-01

Hey If your school has cameras use a very strong and bright pointer light., just point it at it while it's on(duh) and the whole camera stops. P.S How do you throw breakers?

killerjackalope (author)JohnJY2009-01-01

You need to be in the mains control room, it's just a big version of the ones in houses... That doesn't sound like it works for any length of time...

Saw a site were a guy tested that theory, it doesn't damage the camera, but makes a massive red lens flare that you can't see anything through it.
So I guess it could work. 

RedFlash (author)JohnJY2009-07-25

Does it really break the camera?

poparoo4 (author)2009-07-31

Its as easy as pie at my school, The teachers practically let you go out of school. Infact most of my friends pop over the style in our school field and get lunch at the chippy or the co op. The teachers also let you smoke right in front of them. Not that I smoke.

Thundertydus (author)poparoo42009-09-09

Yeah, I go to "Highschool"
Where students are free to roam wherever they please at lunch and between classes =P

I go to the nearby chevron almost every lunch

PetervG (author)2008-07-20

Sounds like middle school. The high school that I'm in, I was part of the first year that it was opened. Everything is as high tech as it gets. The system is almost perfect. You can't do it.

pyro13 (author)PetervG2008-07-20

My school is like that as well. Its insane, cameras and school resource officers (drugs and gang fights were a problem this last term) crawling everywhere. Its tough, but its possible. We didn't think it was, til me and my friend got sent to the office for fighting, (i love hockey =D we kicked the !@#$ outa this kid ;D) And we were sat close to the security screen. We noticed there was a blind spot on one corner of the school, and the guard guy takes a break for a smoke and some coffee once every hour for a couple minutes. Perfect =D. Nice instructable Kj.

killerjackalope (author)pyro132008-07-21

Thanks pyro, it's stuff like that, when we were out at breaktime, having a sneaky smoke we had this crazy way of standing in three really obvious spots with minimal cover... The teachers cam out to look for us at certain times, we knew fine well... There are ways and means of getting almost anything done in school... there were access walkways under some parts of the school, so old the teachers knew nothing of them...

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