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Lighting a fire is only half the battle. The way you build a fire - that is, how you arrange the wood - can affect how long the fire will last and the amount of heat it'll give off during that time. This article will provide an overview of "fire architecture" so you can build the perfect fire for your circumstances.

1. Get an ignition source. The most obvious choice is a lighter or matches
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Step 1: Tinder

Picture of Tinder
Gather tinder, which catches the initial spark or flame and transfers it to the kindling. If the kindling is damp or wet, the tinder must burn long enough to dry out the kindling.[1] You can turn dry sticks and pieces of bark into powdery tinder with a knife. You can also use:

dead dry plants and grasses
char cloth
wood shavings
pine pitch
dry needles from coniferous trees
fire sticks
fire starters

Step 2: Kindline

Picture of Kindline
Gather kindling. Kindling needs a large surface to volume ratio so it can produce a very hot flame that's transferred to the main fuel. Good sources: dry twigs and wood pieces, cardboard, large pieces of wood cut into small pieces, fuzz sticks (shavings cut into sticks, but still attached).
Mr. Muggle5 years ago
paintballworld (author)  Mr. Muggle2 years ago
Thanks for letting me know for some reason 3 pages of this didn't load 1 being my works cited. sorry that I didn't catch it sooner.
Thanks again.
Mammad3 years ago
where should the tinder and kindling be placed?
The way i make my fire its a cross between a Pyramid method and the log cabion method with alot of dryed grass in between. It lights so fast lol.
scafool5 years ago
You need to do a better job of giving credit to your sources.
GalaxyX5 years ago
Really nice man very detailed. it helped me a lot, i was always able too just make a fire and throw some twigs on it but never make an actual proper fire, well now i know thanks!