I thought it would be a good idea to make an ible on this, so here it is.  I was about to start the stove this morning, when I got the idea to make an instructable on it.  This instructable will show you how to build and light a fire in your stove.  Happy firelighting!

Step 1: Step One: Make Sure Your Stove Is Cleaned Out.

Not much to say here, other than read the title again.
hehe, i likey fires !&nbsp;lol<br />
I do, too, but this is for peaceful and practical purposes, not pyromania!
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me is pyromaniac lol<br />
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no, its somethin....
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I'm not sure yet, though.
k<br />
k<br />
you don't need 'firestart' to light a fire.<br /> there is another&nbsp; 'green' way,<br /> get the old newspaper, and roll it into balls, of one sheet, and repeat until the whole ground of the double burning stove (whatever its called)<br /> then go and get some kindling, or small sticks from your backyard, and cross them around to make a nest, then put the big log ontop of it.<br /> go get a match, light it, and then chuck it at the back. DONE.<br />
I know, I mentioned newspaper, its just that those work better.&nbsp; And anyway, you don't cover the whole bottom, you would just do what i showed, except for make the kindling smaller.&nbsp; We didn't buy board just for kindling, we were remodeling, and that was some of the wood we took out, and it fit the bill perfectly.&nbsp; Also, lighting a fire to heat our house is much cheaper and &quot;greener&quot; than buying electricity.
well yeah, maybe if you put this instructable into one step, then in the next step do a different way to light a fire.<br /> <br />

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