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In this instructable I will show you how to limit the time that a user can be on.
You will need:
1. A computer

Go to Command prompt (Run, type cmd)
then type:
net user
net user "Username" /time:m-f,08:00-17:00

You can set any time or day just the time has to be on the hour....and it does'nt have to be in Military time.

Thanks for reading!
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yuriyonu6 years ago
how r u supposed to cancel the time limit
stuuf6 years ago
You forgot one more requirement: a windows operating system (probably some specific version too) Despite what many people think, other operating systems can be used with computers. Also, the 24-hour clock format is not actually called military time.
Fire0 (author)  stuuf6 years ago
Hey, sorry bout not including that in the instructions.
I have to disagree with u about the military time.
stuuf Fire06 years ago
AFAIK no official reference uses the term "military time;" it's a semi-derogatory phrase used mainly by people who choose not to spend the 30 seconds to learn how to use it, as in "stop using military time, do I LOOK like I know how to subtract small integers?"
Fire0 (author)  stuuf6 years ago
Good point
havanacus6 years ago
I don't understand and I think this is something I would like to do... Is the time entered the time the user can sign on or is it the time that they can't?...
Fire0 (author)  havanacus6 years ago
It's the time that they are allowed to be on...if that helps
Browncoat Fire06 years ago
So once it hits that time, it'll boot them off...?
Fire0 (author)  Browncoat6 years ago
Yeah, to my knowledge! I have not had use of it myself so I have not used it in a while.
havanacus Fire06 years ago
Thank you, it does help...