Okay I made this instructable in 10 minutes. It was that easy! A laptop would be good for this but a desktop near a tv is okay too. If you have a Airport Express then I will add a step for you people. (Note: I don't own an airport express so if it doesnt work, dont kill me) Use steps 1, 2, and 4 skip 3 you dont need it.

Step 1: What Do I Need!?

1. A laptop or desktop (it doesnt have to be a mac)
2. iTunes 7.7
3. iPod Touch or iPhone with the 2.0 software on it
4. iPod Touch or iPhone with apple's remote software on it (its just called remote in the app store)
5. a video/audio out cable (i got mine from my moms camera)
6. Standard video/audio cable (if your adapter is like mine)
when i go to administrators ipod its not there<br /> <br />
So, while every computer is different, my HP laptop is connected to my AV receiver via an SPDIF output connected to the optical audio input on my receiver. SPDIF looks a lot like 1/8th but is actually a digital signal. In addition to the optical cable you also need a very inexpensive SPDIF adapter which any place selling optical cable should have.
You can just use a cable that converts a 2.5mm headphone jack to the AV Cables but make sure you get a cable that converts from the 2.5mm headphone jack to the AV Cables not the other way around. (made that same mistake)
Basically an audio version of my 'ible, yet somehow exactly the same thing...

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