My first instructables video
Is there even a video?
Even a caveman could do it!
 Um, why did you even take the time to make that video?
Um, why did you even take the time to write this comment<br />
that was... umm... informing...
meh...<br /><br />I'm not sure but I think Nintendo tries to design their consoles for simplicity.<br />**
its a decal<br />
no&nbsp;<br /> I meant the whole concept of this video
32 seconds.
Its not that hard someone who doesn't have a Nintendo DS could figure this out in less than 20 seconds. I know you're new and trying to win a contest but you're going to have to do better than that.
cool, just put the camera on a tripod or something, please.
Very easy. um.
THE BAD- Lock that camera down to something. There are some Instructables on making camera mounts.<br/><strong>THE GOOD</strong>- I agree with <strong>thecheatscalc</strong> that it was well narrated, you can do the voice over work on my next video!<br/>
thats a little too easy for this contest. 32 seconds...
Actually, besides being extremely obvious, the voice work was pretty good. ;) Not a half bad instructional video!
if you dont know how to do this you wouldnt be able to view said video as its so obvious.
its a 30 second contest. Theres plenty of things that people might not inherently know how to do... :D
32 seconds.....
no i mean i got the how to turn the system on on but i checked on the internet and the both turn on in the same places
Sorry got ds and dsi mixed up
Well hurry and change the name so people don't get confused

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