How to Load a Ds Game




Introduction: How to Load a Ds Game

My first instructables video



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    Even a caveman could do it!

     Um, why did you even take the time to make that video?

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    Um, why did you even take the time to write this comment

    that was... umm... informing...


    I'm not sure but I think Nintendo tries to design their consoles for simplicity.

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    I meant the whole concept of this video


    Its not that hard someone who doesn't have a Nintendo DS could figure this out in less than 20 seconds. I know you're new and trying to win a contest but you're going to have to do better than that.

    cool, just put the camera on a tripod or something, please.

    THE BAD- Lock that camera down to something. There are some Instructables on making camera mounts.
    THE GOOD- I agree with thecheatscalc that it was well narrated, you can do the voice over work on my next video!

    thats a little too easy for this contest. 32 seconds...

    Actually, besides being extremely obvious, the voice work was pretty good. ;) Not a half bad instructional video!

    if you dont know how to do this you wouldnt be able to view said video as its so obvious.

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    its a 30 second contest. Theres plenty of things that people might not inherently know how to do... :D

    no i mean i got the how to turn the system on on but i checked on the internet and the both turn on in the same places