Step 4: Load you magazine.

Picture of Load you magazine.
Place you hand around the magazine and (as shown) use your thumb to push the rounds into the magazine.

Once your last round is inside of the magazine remove the clip. Repeat the process until your magazine is full then remove the tool and your ready to go!

Proper technique may take a magazine or two in order to master, but with a little patience and a little practice you can get really quick at doing this.

My first instructable, so be kind!
Cerberus6 years ago
Great first! In the USMC we called those loaders "spoons"... Here is an extra tip: tie (dummy cord) your "loader/spoon" to your assualt vest or tac-rig so that you will never lose it, but leave enough slack to do the job. If you ever find yourself actually needing to load mags to keep you and yours safe, this is a piece of gear you DONT want to lose...
Good job on your first how to. Very good photos and all.
I'm pretty well versed in AR's but I've never heard of this. Good job. Thanks