How to load an AR15/M16 magazine using Stripper Clips

This instructable will demonstrate how to load an AR15/M16 magazine using the GI issued (formerly GI issued) stripper clips and the filler/guide tool.

I used a 20 round magazine because its easier to take pictures of with everything attached to it, but the process is the same for 30 round magazines.

I can't stress enough firearm safety, and because of that you will notice there are no firearms present in any of my photos. If you play with firearms or ammunition your playing with your life.
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Step 2: Load the clips

Take your ammunition out of the box and load 10 rounds into the stripper clip by gently bending down the brass tab on the end of the clip.

Using the groove on the cartridge as a guide slide all 10 rounds down into the clip.
Cerberus5 years ago
Great first! In the USMC we called those loaders "spoons"... Here is an extra tip: tie (dummy cord) your "loader/spoon" to your assualt vest or tac-rig so that you will never lose it, but leave enough slack to do the job. If you ever find yourself actually needing to load mags to keep you and yours safe, this is a piece of gear you DONT want to lose...
Good job on your first how to. Very good photos and all.
I'm pretty well versed in AR's but I've never heard of this. Good job. Thanks