How to Load Killerks Sr-v1





Introduction: How to Load Killerks Sr-v1

OK a lot of people have asked how to load killerks sr-v1 and I have made an instructable on how to do it to stop everyone asking.

Step 1: Loading

to load the gun first stretch the elastic bands around the orange track splice on the end of your bullet and then pull it back so its level with the ball joint connector then, making sure the other two ball joint connectors are down hook the bullet into place as shown in the pictures. OK now you're ready to fire just point away from anything that could be broken ie. china plates, windows, mirrors, cats, dogs, grannies etc.etc.



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    so? it uses the same mech

    which one? the ones that are connected to the trigger or the one with the rubber bands around it?

    first picture in step one shows it

    actually wait is the clip that the bullet rests on one of those tiny ones or a ball joint connector?

    do you actually click the bullet in the Y? or rest

    i can't see how ppl dont get it.. i only clicked here to see your mods to it

    Mine MOd now shoots like from 60 meters into shoe box XD

    I just taped the brown thing on the end xD

    can u post a vid on how to load this gun because it still not working for me

    2 replies

    Easier said than done, look at the date of the Instructable, I destroyed it ages ago