OK a lot of people have asked how to load killerks sr-v1 and I have made an instructable on how to do it to stop everyone asking.

Step 1: Loading

to load the gun first stretch the elastic bands around the orange track splice on the end of your bullet and then pull it back so its level with the ball joint connector then, making sure the other two ball joint connectors are down hook the bullet into place as shown in the pictures. OK now you're ready to fire just point away from anything that could be broken ie. china plates, windows, mirrors, cats, dogs, grannies etc.etc.
can you post a vid plz
This isn't even the SR-V1.
its modded
so? it uses the same mech
i dont get it! what is stopping the bullet from shooting!?!?! I NEED HELP!
that black clip
which one? the ones that are connected to the trigger or the one with the rubber bands around it?
rubber bands
first picture in step one shows it
actually wait is the clip that the bullet rests on one of those tiny ones or a ball joint connector?
it looks like a Y
do you actually click the bullet in the Y? or rest
this is sooo ez
i can't see how ppl dont get it.. i only clicked here to see your mods to it
Mine MOd now shoots like from 60 meters into shoe box XD
I just taped the brown thing on the end xD
can u post a vid on how to load this gun because it still not working for me
Easier said than done, look at the date of the Instructable, I destroyed it ages ago
thats not the same gun.
Who cares, it works exactly the same.
I still don't get it... I'm guessing the the socket piece of a ball and socket joint is supposed to push up on the beginning of the bullet and make the little thing release the bullet but when I pull the trigger, it is not strong enough and it wont actually even pull it can't be pulled and if you do pull it, it just breaks... can anyone help me or make a more detailed description or maybe just make a detailed movie? Thanks.
thanks, that helped alot dude.
is that like a moded version of the REAL SR-V1 cos it doesnt use loads and loads and loads of half moon thingys. if it is... Where is you get to build it?
actually the sr-v1 uses twice as many green rods as it does "half moons" or as i call them "yellow conectors"
It is like a sweedish sniper rifle and doesn't have a stock. The gun appears to use the same mechanics, though.
dude this is a modded SR-V1... Nothing else... I think...lol...
yes it it a modded sr-v1 that dosent use up too many yellows but i thought of it myself, so there arnt any instructions for it.
can you pleeeaaaassseeee post it for me or at least tell me how to do it? :(
my ball joint where the bullet snaps in always flies off when i put the bullet in. FRom the pictures it looks like it doesnt snap in, it just sits in the ball joint. Or am i wrong?
my bullet doesent stay in place, when i load it, the bullet just flys off.
use newer pieces
grannies ,lol!!!
yeah dont shoot old biddies, your parents are much more fun to shoot
True dat.
can you post instructions on your version of his sniper
Do you think i should?
yes you should its really cool
hmm i think i actually can make a mini version small enough to go in the pocket but hard enough to get half the distance guess what i have a whole weekend am i <br/>A gonna go to sleep<br/>B eat food<br/>C build the gun then eat the food<br/>D do nothing<br/><br/>(=/) this is hard...... i really am thinking A + B will = D<br/>
thats not killerks gun. lol, jk nice mods
i like my barebone mods more :( but i'll post pictures of it later on :D )
thanks for posting this!
hmm... cool mods.
I knew it. but it didn't stay loaded very well for me.
nice mods
hmm. i dk if you should remove this or not. may be ask killerk if you can post this in his instructable as a colabator. but i dout he would do that.

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