Picture of How To Lock Pick
Lock pick like in Skyrim

Ever wondered how to pick a lock like in Skyrim? Well with the impending zombie apocalypse or any one of several man made apocalypse just around the corner, it's a useful skill to know.

Obviously this is not to be used on any locks you don't own or have permission to lock pick. I would also advise against trying to lock pick any lock you use to secure something, as this process may damage the lock.

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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
LIst of materials:

- Lock pick set

(You'll also need patience.)
purplepie9 days ago
I always wondered how this worked thanks!
alageor1 year ago
hey thanks for the new tv
Go Repairs (author)  alageor1 year ago
Love the game reference
Go Repairs (author)  redfoxtrystman2 years ago
Thanks, in an ideal world I would have used the levelling up sound effect to go with the graphic effect (in the video).