Step 6: Conclusion

these are some simple steps that are usually over looked so just take and try them and you should be able to start pulling the girls a little bit better so enjoy the benefits from a better looking face
This is helpful, considering your provide strait up instructions and good examples. I just realized that I have been starting to grow a uni-brow. I am getting it removed tomorrow with tweezers, and after thinking about it, I see girls stare and then look in a upwards direction like looking at my forehead. Guess that's why women are getting turned off.
asmyth24 years ago
This is all common sense....
icaro_25_sp4 years ago
nice job! Congratulations
SMRUDOLPH5 years ago
Nice job, buddy. I especially like your tip not to grow facial hair unless you can. You're right -- scraggly sparse whiskers just look like dirt. Resist the urge to show what (little) you've got, and wait until you have some manly beardage.
VelKroChu6 years ago
Hey Dude... This has Really helped me... Thanx for posting it! :)
rowlands6 years ago
Very nice to hear from a cute guy. Hopefully other guys out there will listen!
beahelf6 years ago
It's about time some one your age says what the rest of us have been thinking. Good job kid.