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2. Connect the cigarette lighter socket to the battery box ( «+» - on center). Put batteries. Connect car telephone charger to socket.
Super Idea. Yes, 12V when you only need 5V is a little wasteful, however, this is fantastically easy to build. I am going to build this, mount it in a small cigar box, and use it with rechargeable batteries at weekend camping trips to charge my i-devices and androids.
This will work, but does not make any sense. Why would you use 8 batteries to get 12V to charge a phone that only needs 5V to charge ? Most phones charge using only 5-6V, so you would only need 4 batteries, and a USB charging cable ( which is cheaper, lighter and more robust than a car charger ). <br><br>A voltage regulator would make it &quot;safer&quot;, but it's probably not needed since 4 batts should be pretty safe.<br>
<br> It'll work but had you thought about re-building the charger to run on less than 12V? It'll output much less than 12V, but it's obviously designed to adapt from a car's supply.<br> <br> L<br>
It`ll be too difficult for me!
<br> If there's a voltage-regulator in there it may be easier than you think.<br> <br> L<br>

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