Introduction: 3D Origami Pieces

In this project you'll see how to make 3D Origami Pieces.

Step 1: Watch the Video!!!

Step 2: How to Make an Origami Piece

Take a piece of paper ( 6 cm x 9 cm ).

In the next Steps I will show you how to fold it!

Step 3: First Fold

First fold

Step 4: Second Fold

Second fold

Step 5: Unfold Only the Last Folding

Unfold only the last folding and rotate the paper like in the second image with the fold in upside.

If you don't understand the photos watch the video!

Step 6: Third Fold

Third fold

Step 7: Fourth Fold

Fourth fold

Step 8: Rotate the Paper

Rotate the paper like in the photos

If you don't understand the photos watch the video!

Step 9: Fifth Fold and Sixth Fold

Fifth fold and Sixth fold

Step 10: Seventh Fold and Eighth Fold

Seventh fold and Eighth fold

Step 11: Last Fold

Last fold

The piece will look like the one in the last photo

Step 12: More Project Videos

Well now you know how to make 3D Origami Pieces.

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cutegirl1212 made it!(author)2015-11-15

how do I put them together?

Musiclover863+ made it!(author)2016-11-22

You insert the two points into the slots of your piece

davinaL made it!(author)2016-09-28

Hey guys I'm a web student and for a class project I was told to make a website of any of my choosing and I chose to make a website about 3D origami. It would be amazing if some of you can visit my website, and give me any feedback on what I'm doing right or what I can do better. The images you see on there that are related to origami were made by me featuring the YouTube videos that I have watched.

Tactical+man220 made it!(author)2016-02-12

thanks super helpful

tverduin made it!(author)2015-12-04

What are the dimensions of the paper used to construct an average 3D origami model?

thunder_ir made it!(author)2015-05-24


thank you for learning

I made it

Giulia+Art made it!(author)2015-05-24

You are welcome my friend:)

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