How to Make 3D Stereoscopic Films / Videos


Introduction: How to Make 3D Stereoscopic Films / Videos

Stereoscopic or 3D imaging is any technique capable of recording three-dimensional visual information or creating the illusion of the depth in an image. 

In this instructable I will show you how to create a 3D video.

PS: If you are Italian,or if you want more informations, go to my website

Step 1: Materials Needed

 1-Two identical camera;
2-A piece of wood;
3-Two screws with the same thread of tripod;
4-Anaglyph 3D Glasses (red and blu ones)

Step 2: Build the Bracket

 The main element that will allow us to shoot 3D films is the bracket used to hold the two cameras at the right distance(6.5 cm).

Drilled two holes of 8 mm in the piece of wood 6.5 cm apart from each other.

Step 3: Filming

 Mounted the video cameras as the photo below.

Now start filming pressing simultaneously the REC button of the 2 cameras.

Step 4: Software

 Download from internet Stereoscopic Player (or an other 3D player like StereoMove Maker or NVIDIA 3D vision video player, the procedure is almost the same) and import the videos of each camera in your computer.

Start Stereoscopic Player , click on "File", then "Open Left and Right file".

Step 5: Enjoy 3D Video

 Put on the 3D glasses and enjoy the 3D video!



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    There is a $5 usd alternative sort of toy: 3D Photograph Stereo Vision Camera Lens for iPhone. Use Cardboard goggles with phone to enjoy 3D video.

    is it possible to make live stream? is there any way?

    Does it have to be 6.5 cm?

    very nice!
    my 11 yo has found an interest in stop motion animation and I think I will be setting up something like this for him.

    Does it work as a real 3D movie? I mean, if you come closer to the camera it seems to go out of the screen?

    1 reply

    yes, and with the software you can decide where is the 0 plane of the screen

    Do you have any reccomendations for cheap, good, cameras? I need to know because I really don't have much money to spend. Thanks!

    1 reply

     I used 2 Toshiba Camilleo HD, the lowest price camera i have found.
    if you can, buy a model of camera with ir remote control, it can help you so much.

    I add this software to the list.