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These LEDs can be made with any LED that needs less than 5 volts to operate and they are really useful when you want to add an LED to a project and don't have a protoboard or want the LED to be right on the Arduinoo.
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Step 1: WHat you`ll need

for this project you will need;

  - Any LED that needs less than 5 Volts.
  - The correct resistor for that LED. You can easily calculate it here.

Step 2: Make it!

Picture of Make it!
first, you need to trim the ground LED's lead, then you need to trim one of the Resistor's leads and attach it to the LED, finally, trim the other resistor lead so that it  becomes a little bi shorter than the other lead on the LED.

Step 3: Test it.

Picture of Test it.
to test it, simply download the code "test_arduino_LED.zip" and upload it to your arduino board, then connect the LEDs into pins 8 and 9  and  11 and 12.

Yes thanks for the link to the LED Resistor Calculator. It has proven to be a real time saver for me. Good work!

Instructable was worth it for that web page alone for educational purposes. Not fond of advertisements.
Screenshot-LED Resistor Calculator - Mozilla Firefox-1.pngScreenshot-LED Resistor Calculator - Mozilla Firefox-2.png