Picture of How to make A light-up distance sensor
In this instructable, I will show you how to make a sensor that will light up more lights the closer you are to it.

Arduino UNO
Arduino ultrasonic ping distance sensor
3 green LED's
2 yellow LED's
1 Red LED
6 220 ohm Resistors
USB Cable to connect Arduino
Wires to connect everything

Step 1: Placing The Electronics

Picture of Placing The Electronics
This step will show you where and how to place the electronics on the breadboard

6-220 ohm resistors
3 green LED's
2 yellow LED's
1 red LED
Ultrasonic ping distance sensor

First, place the distance sensor on one end of the breadboard so that none of the pins are connected (usually parallel to the outside rails).
Then place the LED's in the order from Left to Right : Green, Green, Green, Yellow, Yellow, Red
Each LED should have the long lead facing the same way. Mine are on the left side.
Next, connect a resistor to the short leg of each LED and to the inside rail of the breadboard.
Once that is done, move on to the next step.